Saturday, July 14, 2007

Wheee! Accomplishments!

First, thank you all for your affirmations - it's nice to know that we're all friends here! And I'm hoping to someday, somehow, meet everyone in the whole world. (Well, er, the people worth meeting, anyway. Kim Jong Il and the Hiltons can take a back seat.)

I finished a skein of handspun! I'd show pictures, but it's in the bath...and besides, it's a total surprise who it's for, and I wouldn't want that person to have a ruined surprise. So I can't show it. Nor can I tell you who it's going to. (Ooops!) Now I just have to take my wheel apart; the thing is behaving very badly and I think it needs its parts oiled and a little love administered. (It literally rocks back and forth while I'm spinning. I'm pretty sure that's not what's supposed to happen.)

So I have really exciting news I want to share; I wasn't sure if I was allowed to share it, but I spotted it on her blog, so it must be okay! You know how I'm knitting those Sockapalooza socks and I was saying I'd like to do something even spiffier and write up a pattern? Well, that new and spiffy pattern will be available *exclusively* with The Sweet Sheep!! Michelle has asked me to provide one of the patterns for the sock club she's starting up in the fall! Whee!

So you'll haveta join the club if you want the pattern (which is looking kinda nifty, if you ask me, and you would never guess what project's leftover yarn I'm using for the swatch - never thought I'd lay hands on that stuff again but hey, it was nearby.) I shouldn't have to twist your arm; Michelle dyes beautiful yarns, like this awesome skein I'm still crazy about, and the club yarns are going to be gorgeous semi-solids, each with an exclusive pattern - the other two patterns are designed by not-me, but by an incredibly talented designer. Not to say that I'm not potentially an incredibly talented designer; we're kind of on a wait-and-see thing with that. I think you have to design more than, like, one thing before the jury will come back. I may have to sign up for the club, too - I'm a sucker for handdyed semi-solid sock yarns.

Also, in case you're not swayed yet, I can vouch for Michelle's skill as a club-mistress; I was in The Sweet Sheep fiber club a while back, and I was completely thrilled with the experience; the fibers were beautiful!

I should have a picture of something. Um...

I love that necklace

I'm not posting this because I'm an egomaniac...I'm posting it because it looks like I have really long nose hair, and that cracks me up. Heheheh.
(Photo by Charity de Meer, gorgeous custom necklace by Emily Gems, nose hair insane wind by Tropical Storm Barry.)