Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Toes Are Overrated Anyway

Things I Learned Today:

I am apparently allergic to mosquito bites suddenly. I had three swell up so badly we almost decided to go to the med clinic.

I am probably about two stubbed toes away from having the most hideous left pinky toe of all time. I JUST grew the nail back to nearly normal a few months ago, and then I did it again tonight. *sob*

Purchasing things from Canada is rapidly becoming a non-possibility for me; stupid American dollar is weakening to an unjustifiable level. Between the Dow, the housing market, and the Remarkable Collapsing Currency, I'm beginning to feel a little bit of pressure. (*sobsob*)

If you love something, set it free. If you want it back, eh, just buy it.

The Loopy Ewe updates are just too hard to resist. (Huge one last night - click the link to check out the new stuff.) Sknitches was the breaking point - I'm declaring (another) moratorium on sock yarn. I behaved so well, too - I even PUT THE YARNTINI BACK and only bought the Sknitches. Even that was probably too much. A roving moratorium can't be far behind. (Especially since I just bought half of Carrie's destash.....)

Saltines and cream cheese is a viable lunch option. It wouldn't need to be if I'd lay off the sock yarn. Speaking of which, should I join the Duets sock club?

(Now you know why I generally avoid things like alchohol and heroin. Well, I generally avoid alcohol. I think saying I "generally" avoid heroin gives the wrong impression - I actually skirt it entirely altogether. But have you started to get a feel for how easily I hit the addiction stage? I might have a bit of a problem with attachment....)

I got some photos of the latest handspuns:

Grape Bubble handspun

Grape Bubble, so named for its similarity to the Bubble Yum of my youth. No point in spending too much time talking on this one, since it doesn't belong to me anymore - but it's a bulky weight two-ply superwash merino, about 95 yards to four ounces, and the roving, from Aija's shop, was just amazing to spin. So soft and squishtastic....

This one's not in the shop - I'm not sure it's going to be:

Nightie handspun

I'm calling this one Nightie (I'll get to that) and it's the Funky Carolina July fiber club installment. I couldn't wait to spin this one - 100% soy silk in her "Coquette" colourway. (How much do I love that name?) I got about 94 yards out of this, and I'm thinking it's maybe DKish, light worsted weight? I haven't gotten around to weighing it yet. (Staggering, sometimes, my laziness, as the skein is in the same room as the scale.)

Nightie handspun

Soy silk is so much easier to spin than silk. It took me just a bit of a learning curve, but then I rocketed through the singles.

When I was younger, maybe grade six or seven, I had a dream in which I was wearing this really great dress; I dreamed it in very clear detail, and when I woke up, I described it to my mom (an artist) and she sketched it out for me. It was pretty much EXACTLY these colours; I thought of that sketch immediately when I saw this fiber, although my first memory of it was that it was a sleeping gown, not a dress. Hence, "Nightie".

Got two other skeins going right now - a worsted merino/bamboo (hi Michelle!) and a fine fingering luxury blend (alpaca, silk, angelina, merino - batt from Loop. Oh, and I'm still knitting sometimes...