Monday, July 23, 2007

Previews and Suprises

Knitty Surprises are up. I'm completely taken with this; not even so much the top, which is lovely, but for the designer's hair. I love her hair! Want!!! And dude, this?! When I saw the thumbnail of it on the pattern page, I was like, "meh" but then I pulled up the pattern page and saw what it does and I LURVE IT. Must have it for Farmer's Market! Must, must!! And I know she knit it in hemp, but that stuff killed my hands, and I think this bag also screams organic cotton, so I could play with that...or maybe a nice strong cotton-hemp blend, like Elsebeth's...

Also, the Interweave Fall Preview. As always, a ton of awesome stuff I will never knit. (I must find a full-scale garment and commit to it. It's pathetic how many half-finished sweaters I have lying around. I think I'm up to four. When you consider that I've only finished ONE top - and it was a super-fast-easy one that I never even wear - it's pathetic that there are that many almost-tops languishing in my house.) I really really want to see the bonus photos on Eunny's design, since I think it's the cardigan I've been waiting for all my life, but there's an error when I try to load that page. Grrr. Fixed! Some rockin' accessory items, too - and man, can you pick a Norah Gaughan out of a lineup or what? As soon as I saw the cover, it was instinctive.

Update: Oops, that link's not working currently; after I posted this, Interweave caught notice that the preview had accidentally gone up (it had nothing to do with me posting it - my phrasing sort of makes it sound like I'm trying to take credit, doesn't it? Yay, I crashed Interweave!) Lisa Shroyer posted on the Ravelry thread: "the preview page was actually not ready...we've taken it down to fix the bugs (and one of the photos was completely wrong), but it will be back up and final, bonus photos included, this afternoon or sometime tomorrow. sorry!" So it should be back up soon... Fixed!

I'll have some picture-taking to do tonight when I get home - I got my Wollmeise, and I want to stuff it in my mouth it's so delicious. I also got my club fiber from Funky Carolina, but I'll probably wait a few days to show that - I'd hate to spoil!! And I have to show you my Deathly Hallows socks (what else was I gonna call them??) I'm more than halfway done with the second sock, it shouldn't take long to finish at all. Then it's back to the Sockapalooza socks and the Mystery Stole (which saw zero progress this weekend, for obvious reasons.)

That's all I have - I'm sure everyone will want to scurry over to Interweave and Knitty, so I don't wanna hold you up (if you're even still here anyway...)