Saturday, July 07, 2007


Our wedding photo

I got some photos up! All photo credits go to Charity de Meer (who, in case you've forgotten because I haven't said it enough, was freakin' awesome.)

I won't post a ton of them here - but I did want to share a couple of favourites, and if you want to see the rest (I uploaded about 40), you can check out the photoset on Flickr.

Holy crap, I got to MARRY this guy!!!

OHMYGODHEISSOHOT. Er, I mean, I really love this picture of Travis.

The stockings

As promised, full-length photos of the stockings!

Heeeyyyy, I love my socks!

And there are PLENTY of them! :-D

Okay, I've been playing with my photos for about three hours now! Back to what I SHOULD be doing - knitting! (Clean house? No thanks, I'm okay.)