Monday, July 16, 2007

Scenes From A Post Office

I dropped off a couple of boxes at the post office just now (wedding albums galore). The line was short, so I didn't have any knitting with me - thus, it's worth noting, no visible signs of my knitteriness. As I was about to leave, the lady at the counter glanced at the return address, which was my PO Box, and shamed me with the following statement:

"Are you the one who gets all the yarn?"

Ha!!! To be fair, in the conversation that ensued, I gathered that she knits or crochets too, so she'd be more inclined to notice who was getting all the yarn. But that's what grabbed me.

She said ALL the yarn. Not "Are you the one who gets a lot of yarn?" or "Are you the one who gets yarn delivered frequently?" No, not this little knitter. I don't half-ass it; I get ALL THE YARN, and I save none for the other residents. All your yarn is belong to me.

Well, hey, anything worth doing is worth doing right.

PS: I told you he hugs:

Brodie gives a hug