Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Having just reorganized the knitting room a bit (getting all the bags of yarn all over the room organized and shelved, moving all the spinning fibers into the trunk (and holy crap do I have some fiber), and marveling over how I am officially out of room in my sock yarn cubbies (a feat, considering I only recently moved from two cubbies to three), I WANT TO KNIT SOCKS!! I'm really over the Bellocqs now - I hate projects with deadlines, because the harder I knit to meet the deadline, the more I want to knit other stuff. It's so close now....

I'm flipping out a bit over all the knitting/spinning I want to do. So many sweaters' worth of yarn, so many wonderful rovings to spin...and so many half-finished garments I really should get back into. And I'm back on my four ounces of Hello Yarn fiber that I'm spinning super-fine so I can try a three-ply sock yarn - but it's right up there with the Bellocqs as Great Unfinishable Projects - I just go and go and go and there's still this huge pile of roving. I've spun two bobbins, and I think I somehow now have seven ounces of fiber left.

Add to that the fact that my class proposal is EXTREMELY late, and I'm feeling completely unaccomplished. That's something I haven't discussed yet - but I am familiar with the organizer of a rather major fiber event, and she was short on instructors for knitting courses, and since I'm a freaking moron with a gargantuan overachiever streak, I opened my fat mouth and offered to write up a few class proposals. Given my tremendous knitting experience (*cough*bullsh*t*cough* - two years) and my vast teaching experience (having not only never taught a class, but indeed never even TAKEN a class on knitting - only spinning and dyeing - I think I can assure you that's also nonsense), I don't think this was too much of a task to take on at all. Do you? I'm going to pretend that teaching Travis and Jessi to knit - sort of - counts as experience. But still....I'm definitely going to have to delude a large group of people into thinking I'm qualified to teach them how to knit a sock, based solely on the fact that I have successfully knitted a sock and they have not. (Hey, if the President can run the joint based on his own admittance that he's "the Commander guy" and therefore allowed to do whatever's clever, people are probably willing to swallow just about anything at this point.) She's given me until the end of June to come up with feasible proposals. What the hell am I thinking? If I don't chicken out, it's entirely possible I'll chatter nervously through the whole thing, then cheerfully return everyone's money and give them a link to a useful website that will show them how to knit a sock. Thank goodness I have that day job that will allow me a few more opportunities to practice my instructing skills between now and then. I knew this pesky work thing would come in handy someday....

PS: Just got some amazing Zen String merino/bamboo roving in........which is suspiciously similar to my amazing Sweet Sheep merino/bamboo roving. Definitely time to study the fiber stash, memorize it, and stop ordering doppelganger roving!

PS Again: I'm so overwhelmed by my own stash that I couldn't even bring myself to order anything from the enormomendous update at The Loopy Ewe today. I wanted to...especially with all that wonderful new All Things Heather...but I just can't bring myself to do it. But there's no reason that should stop you. (And if you're interested in buying me a set of those Celtic Swan sterling silver DPNs, please email me for my address. Travis has already turned me down. Ha!!)