Sunday, April 29, 2007

Lazy Sunday

Maybe not completely lazy...we walked the dogs down to the lake, and we went to the grocery store. And....okay, that's about it. But yesterday was really busy! We hit the Farmer's Market, went to big sale at Sears (where I hoisted myself up onto a Craftsman tool chest and sat there knitting a sock while Travis ran around like a kid in a candy store and I shouted out periodic reminders - "Floor jack!" "Sawhorses!" "Stubby ratchets!") and stopped by the furniture store to ask where the HELL our buffet server and two dining room chairs are - ya know, the ones we PAID FOR a full MONTH ago, that were supposed to be delivered five days later, then were late getting to the warehouse, then were in the warehouse and would be delivered that week, then mysteriously disappeared from the warehouse...argh. And then that afternoon, we attended a wedding. A Disney Wedding (tm). I believe I'm contractually obligated to state that it was like a Fairy Tale Come True (tm). No, to be completely fair, it was stunning, and not nearly as saccharine as I had expected it to be. It was a beautiful day and everyone had a blast, and the food was hot AND delicious (wedding food can be hit or miss) and the bride and groom were so happy you couldn't help but smile (or, if you're me, get all teary-eyed) every time you looked at them. The groom is one of our groomsmen, so it was a nice moment for the boys.

(Oh, and by the time it was all over, we were in hyperactive freak-out fix-stuff mode because, as it turns out, we are SO NOT READY. I was watching the ceremony repeatedly whispering "Oh my God, I haven't even thought of that!!" Who's going to walk my mom down the aisle?! What are we going to write for the officiant?! Aw crap, we didn't even start thinking about the programs yet! We haven't decided on music! What have I been DOING?! It's okay, I calmed down eventually..but by then Travis had started to freak out a little. We're good for each other like that - we're not usually both panicky at the same time, thank God.)

There was, however, one hilarious moment where buddy James and I almost fell apart in the middle of the ceremony. The officiant was a pastor from Jason & Jen's church - they're regular attendees and good friends, and so there was a real sense of familiarity that's rarely seen at a religious ceremony, or at least the ones to which I've been. He was very jovial and I enjoyed him a great deal...but at one point, he talked about how the ceremony is often forgotten because of nerves, and he gave an example of his own ceremony - that the only thing he remembers is the wildly inappropriate story that the pastor told during it. He carried on about it for a bit, and he kept insisting that he wouldn't share it because it was so awful...and then he moved on. James and I exchanged looks like "Well, what the hell? Why bring it up?" and I mustered every bit of strength I had in me to keep my voice at a whisper and I hissed, "Alright, folks, but I can tell you how it ends - syphilis." Have you ever silent-laughed until you felt like your face was going to fall off? I don't often laugh that hard at my own funnies, but we could NOT settle down. It's a wedding thing, I think - something about the hush and the utter gravity of it (this is your WHOLE LIFE we're talking about here!) just gives me the giggles. God knows I'll probably alternate crying and snickering all the way through my own.

I shot this picture of them cutting the cake, and I just love it, even with the "mood lighting":

Stelly Watson Wedding, April 28 2007

Beautiful, aren't they? And she's slender and stunning in that gown, enough to make a bride-to-be stop eating altogether. Well, after the cake. (I want to be thin, but let's not get stupid.)

Okay, enough of that, eh? Let's talk about all the fantastic yarn I got in the mail on Friday!

Seacoast Handpainted

Seacoast Handpainted Panda in colorway "Night Sky", to replace the skein I have that wasn't quite the colors I had expected (wanna buy it?). This is a beautiful skein, and I already know just who will get the socks. I love the slight glimmer the bamboo content gives to the fiber.

Seacoast Handpainted

I also got the first installment of my Scout's Swag!! I LOVE being a part of this club. One of the greatest things about it is the hella deal it is - I did the math, and basically I'm paying for yarn and postage, and the other stuff she sends is icing on the cake. It's wicked icing, too!

April Scout's Swag

Heal My Lips in Madagascar Vanilla, and Heal My Hands in Lavender Mint (great stuff! already packed up in my knitting bag!) The yarn is Blue Faced Leicester superwash sock yarn, which I think is the one kind of sock yarn I don't have in stash! Exciting!! The colorway is "Lavender Mint" - that clever Scout!! Not pictured here - the sizeable samples of Heal My Heels and Heal My Face that came with! This could possibly be the greatest club EVER.

And then, there was this beauty.

Handmaiden,,,oh, you get the idea.

Handmaiden Two-Ply Cashmere. I don't think I've ever had my hands on a cashmere so soft and fluffy in my life! This is even softer than the eight-ply cashmere from Handmaiden that I made a neckwarmer out of!

Handmaiden 2-ply cashmere

I don't think there's a single base hair in here. It's all the softest, lightest down imagineable. Just look at the halo!!


See that? Doesn't it look like I've added soft-focus? So Loretta Young...


I was originally thinking luxurious socks, but no WAY. This stuff deserves royal treatment - it's 50g and 300 yards, so I'm thinking a nice lacy scarf to wear with the lovely charcoal sweater that I'll be knitting eventually...

Handmaiden 2-ply cashmere

I'm glad I chose this colorway (Glacier) - it was a bit of a departure for me, and I'm just in awe of the crispness of that aqua color.

The Loopy Ewe provided the fix for both the Seacoast and the Handmaiden, and there's still some left of both. (The Handmaiden, I assure you, is worth every single penny.)

Tomorrow I have the day off from work - we're going to get the marriage license, and then I have an urgent appointment later in the afternoon in Leesburg. :-D Ta-ta!!