Friday, March 30, 2007

Pray For Me. Pray For Us All.

Travis is younger than me by three years. Travis' sister is younger than him by eleven years. Consequently, I am a 28 year-old woman with a 14 year-old sister in law (to be). D is a remarkable young woman who is already leaps and bounds more mature and responsible than most adults I know, and she reminds me a LOT of me when I was young (never stops talking, total drama queen, too smart for her own good - all of which I consider to be positive attributes, thankyouverymuch.)

And right now, she's in a play. A high school play. And we're proud, and of course we're going, even though she has a small part. Size doesn't matter - she has a part, so we will be there tomorrow night with bells on.

But. We're going to see a high school play. And not just any high school play. Little Women. Oh, the humanity - it's a chick-flick live on stage. And it's the straight play - not even the laughable musical reincarnation. I've no idea what part she's playing (I do know she wanted to play Jo - and I could have told you that even before anyone told me she wanted to play Jo, because I would also have wanted to play Jo. Because if Little Women was an 80s sitcom, Jo would have been played by Nancy McKeon. And in the 80s, I wanted to be Nancy McKeon when I grew up. Actually, whenever I picture Jo from Little Women, my mind generates an image of Jo from The Facts of Life. I then, because of the association to Charlotte Rae, immediately go to reminiscing about The Worst Witch, possibly the best terrible movie ever made.)

Okay, enough free association. Point is, it's a good thing I love this chick, or I might be compelled to wander into traffic sooner than face a high school production of Little Women. Hell, ANY production of Little Women for that matter. Instead, I'm kind of looking forward to it. And I hear the drama department is respectable at this school, so I'm interested to see what they do with the show.

You know, I loved the book Little Women when I was eight. And for a moment I thought it was strange that I would turn my nose up at it now - but then, I liked frozen fish sticks and Anne Murray when I was eight, too.

In other news - no turning back now:


The invites! They're addressed! They're in the mail! Wahoo!

I got a little bit of a boost today; Stitch Diva Studios sent out their newsletter, and they plugged the Bellocq KAL blog, mentioned me and this here little blog, and posted a picture of my sock in progress. What a wonderfully nice thing - and perfect motivation. Besides just wanting the stockings and needing them for the wedding, and being an admin on the knitalong, my sock-in-progress has been shown to I-don't-know-how-many subscribers. Abandoning them would be completely humiliating at this point. (It's not the pattern that would make me abandon them, or the yarn, or anything like that - it would be the chronic startitis and the 80 skeins of sock yarn in stash that want equal treatment, and the fact that I so rarely take on projects larger than a pair of crew socks.)

(For anyone who gets the newsletter and came here, thanks and hello! Also, I want to point out that the credits for the knitalong and blog are all totally due to Sweet Pea (Eva), and I'm mostly just along for the ride.)

Tonight I couch-surf and knit. I'll work on my Bellocq stockings, of course - although since Yarnbeans mentioned it, I'm compelled to snatch up one of my gazillion skeins of Nature Cotton and whip up a washcloth or two. I think we may run up to the bookshop so I can snag the new Vogue Knitting, too - and maybe hit Best Buy and replace our sad, broken, pitiful TiVo. (Once replaced, I will carefully disassemble the old one with a claw hammer and bury it in tiny pieces in our backyard as punishment for depriving me of the middles, endings, and sometimes entire episodes of my favorite shows.)

Okay, so I didn't have much to talk about really - I just figured I should post something, so if anyone came here expecting to read about Bellocq, they wouldn't instead find yesterday's underpants post. I'm not sure a rambling diatribe including a paragraph largely dedicated to Nancy McKeon is quite what I was striving for.......

Happy weekend!