Friday, January 26, 2007

You're Like A Dyson - Guaranteed To Suck For A Lifetime

(The title of today's post is my favorite new insult, one my brain generated last night while I was watching Travis get his ass whooped in Burnout.)

Would you believe I'm getting sick AGAIN?! I don't know if it's just going dormant for a while and then returning on me, or if I keep catching every strain of The Crud that pops up, but this is the third time I've fell victim to said Crud since Thanksgiving! Come ON!!!

Hey, I joined yet another sock club, bringing my grand total to two sock clubs and a fiber club. Look, I can't help it, okay? I'm weak. And The Loopy Ewe is just so awesome. (And I have all that commuting to do now.)

Sometimes little things give me such a thrill - like when I found the ABSOLUTE PERFECT gift bag for Susan's Jaywalkers. Check this out.

Jaywalkers' perfect packaging

Speaking of thrills - food. We went to our reception location on Wednesday night for a tasting. Well, they call it a tasting. I call it a full-contact buffet. We shared a table with this great couple who was as boisterous as we were (I'm sure there's a reason we were seated together) and it was the groom-to-be's birthday. He kept going on about how awesome it was to get a free dinner. I didn't want to pee in his Cheerios by saying it out loud, but I couldn't help but think, "Man oh MAN is this not a free meal. You're payin' for it, buddy. This is gourmet in installments." Which is why I had no guilt whatsoever about eating three plates of food. (Small plates. But still. And only of the meatless stuff and seafood - I made Travis try all the meat to see what was good, but obviously that wasn't going to be a sacrifice I'd be willing to make.)

So yeah, here's the spread we saw when we came in.

Tasting night

It was like heaven for me. And then? They brought out four - yes, FOUR - slices of cake for dessert. True, small tasting slices so we could get a feel for the options - but dude, every meal should end with four slices of cake.

And this was probably my favorite part. Instead of writing our names on a placecard or something, they put these at our seats:

Tasting night

Is that great? And only when I put them together for the photo did I notice that they were a bride and a groom. She even has on pearls! Mr. and Mrs. Strawberry are currently rolled up in foil in our fridge. I couldn't stuff them down that night, and I didn't dare leave them behind. But they're so cute, I don't think I'll be able to eat them.

Kamikaze subject change: You know that "Six Weird Things About Me" meme that's all over the place? I won't do it, but I've been seeing my own weird stuff popping up on other peoples' answers, and I never thought I was all that weird. So now I guess I have to confess. Here's one. I, like many other people, talk to my pets. Well, mostly Rooster. But not in a "Hi there, kitty-kitty" kind of way, but in a totally two-sided conversational way. For example, here's a verbatim transcript of a conversation from last night:

Rooster (jumping up on couch with me): M-OWW.
Me: Oh, about 30 minutes or so.
Rooster. Merrr-ow. (plopping down and looking vaguely annoyed)
Me: Okay, well I'll let you know.
Travis (without the slightest edge of "bitch, you crazy" in his voice): What'd he say?
Me: He wants to know when I'm going to know, thank you for never accusing me of being a nut job.
Travis (shrugging): It's a respect thing.

I'm probably mild to moderate insane - but for the record, I'll state that I don't really know for sure what my cat is saying. I just figure it's polite to respond.