Saturday, January 20, 2007


I don't know what happened to me. I don't like trendy knits, as a general rule - I like classic things that I'll still be wearing a year from now, because it's way too much effort otherwise.

So while I do usually pick up Vogue Knits, I don't ever really see anything in it that I'm dying to do...I put off getting the most recent one because when I looked at the preview, nothing called to me.

And yet when I picked it up to leaf through it last night at Borders while killing almost two hours before a movie (Pan's Labyrinth, which was insane and nuts and good and Travis was totally not expecting to be in Spanish because I might have forgotten to mention that)....I fell hard and fast for FOUR complicated trendy projects.

pattern bolero

This is probably the most confounding to me. I hate any article of clothing that is not meant to serve any real purpose, and the bolero is the most guilty in that category. It's not a sweater, not a wrap, not really an article of clothing but not really an accessory either. And yet.....I LOVE THIS THING. It's beautiful. Maybe it's just the Norah Gaughan-ness of it. But I'm very tempted.

Then there's this:

pattern sweater

Oh God, the bobbles. I hate bobbles. And there's literally dozens of them all over this sweater. And yet, I love it. I may do it. (But, uh, I think I'll skip the bobbles.)

pattern blouse

Okay, this is classic enough to pull off. I love how feminine and beguiling this is...I even love the color as it is. (That's one thing I'll hand to Vogue, they make fantastic styling choices - I almost never even want to change the yarn or color the sample is knit in.) It reminds me of a Eunny knit - sexy, but not in an obvious way. Ladylike sexy. (It doesn't hurt that this model is ouchie-hot and the knit seems to suit her perfectly.)

Finally, I will NEVER EVER knit this. Too much work. But I think it's perfectly stunning.

pattern coat

Could just be that same pretty-in-everything model again, but I really fell hard for this coat. It reminds me a bit of the equally-coveted beautiful fitted Camel Silk jacket that Olga just finished. (If you didn't see it, you should click the link - it's really a wonderful knit.)

Oh, it's not Wednesday, but I have something new to mention - a new job. I got promoted to a training coordinator position at my office. It's a step up, and I get a bigger, semi-private cubicle. I'll have a desk AND a table. With chairs! I just hope it won't be too overwhelming for me. (The job, of course, not the table and chairs. Nothing very intimidating about office furnishings.)

Maybe I should knit myself a bolero to celebrate.