Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Eye Candy Tuesday

I can't commit to something as strict as an Eye Candy Friday. I post eye candy as it becomes available.

I had a rare photographic opportunity at my house last week - Indiana sitting still out in the open:

Rare Sighting

She's the quiet black lump on the chair. The restless brown lump on the ottoman is Brodie, of course. Indy isn't one for adventure - ironically, since I chose the name Indiana when she was an intrepid kitten who used to jump on poor Rooster's back and cling to him for dear life while he ran around the house trying to shake her off. She's since become....well, kind of a recluse. (Also, please note the decorative wool on the chair - Mom brought those back from a rugmaker's in Turkey. They're not practical for knitting, since they're in 12-inch lengths, but eventually I'm going to hang them around the room. See how that cream-colored one is kind of a disaster? Yep, earlier in the day I'd caught Indiana up there making a nest. Brat.)

There was an even more rare sighting on Saturday:

Rarer Sighting

Lookit the cute li'l possum!! Let me tell you why it's cute - because it's outside where it damned well belongs.

When we first moved into our house, in April, Travis spent a lot of time wandering around the property, surveying his land. (He's cute.) I spent that precious quiet time on the couch, knitting. One afternoon, he came in and (here's my big mistake) I didn't look up right away. I only glanced up when I heard a "Hey, baby, look!" I pick up my head and there's a tiny, very angry possum hanging upside down inches from my FACE. I quietly and tensely stated, "Get. That. Thing. Out. Of. My. House." Travis had thought it was cute, and before he pissed it off, I'm sure it was.

I have to wonder if this is the same possum. I can't for the life of me figure out why he would have hung around.

I've finally gotten around to starting up a project with my Yarntini. MAN why did I wait so long? This stuff is delicious! Soft yarn, happy colors...I should have started this months ago!