Thursday, November 16, 2006

Yay, Productive Post!!


First, let me take care of some admin business - if you subscribe to my feed through Bloglines, may I suggest the rss.xml feed instead of the atom.xml feed? For some reason, the atom feed seems to take a day or two to show up. I was on my own atom feed and it still wasn't showing this post, which is now a day old. So I've switched to the rss. And I still hate Bloglines, but I'm addicted to it now.

So I came up with this brilliant idea for a sock pattern. It's classy/sassy/punky/prissy and I think it will be specTACular....if I can write it up. I'm not very good at that - I always have the best ideas in my head and I can't quite get my brain knitty enough to get it onto paper. (But if I CAN get it managed, I'm totally gonna have to mail it in as a submission for Yahaira's book - have you heard about that, by the way?)

I saw a review today of the Victorian Lace Today book and ordered it that very minute. (I may have also picked up that book on plant dyeing that I needed, and wandered over to Etsy and grabbed some roving too. It was a good day for spending money I am so not supposed to be spending.)

Check this out.

Eleanora - Endgame

Yes!! Yes!!!! It is what is left of Eleanora!! (Okay, it's what left AFTER Eleanora. I worded that poorly. Fabulous little phone included for scale.) I am officially 50% done, having completed Sock 1. Which, ironically, took me exactly 50% of a year. To the day, the stupid thing took me six months. (Hate that yarn.) It is, however, STUNNING. I'm going to wait until I have the pair to show you, though. Which may be a long time - I've decided to set it aside and come up with something else for now. The pair will be finished one day, but not within the next month. Why? Because knitting isn't supposed to SUCK THE LIFE OUT OF YOU. I just know this yarn would probably be a cakewalk on a sunny day on bigger needles - I think it's the combo of size 0s and the split-prone yarn. I'll try the next pair on 1s or 1.5s and see how it goes.

I've done some spinning too, but I haven't taken photos. Things are going well, though!

And - this has nothing to do with knitting - how about this?

Chicken Dinner Tofu Dinner

I made the most deliciously fabulous Thai dinner. Ginger-garlic carrots, cucumber-radish salad, mint jasmine rice, chicken (Travis) and tofu (me) with coconut/lime/cilantro sauce.....good Lordy it was yummy. See, I can do other things. (I do them much smaller, though, because they're not made with yarn. I figure if you're really curious, you can click.)


Oh yeah? Can you bust out the treats? Huh, lady?? We'll just wait here. Ahem.

Okay, but let's talk why you're REALLY here.

Zee weener! (That's French for "the winner"...)

Almost immediately after the contest announcement post, I decided to abandon the "pick a random number" idea because I remembered that Travis is obsessed with his favorite I could have told you three days ago who would win. I instead went with the highly scientific "pull a name from a cereal bowl" method.

So, as I was saying.......zee weener:

The Winner Is....

Yay!! (Sorry about the lighting - poor Travis had to stand still with his eyes crossed - that part was his idea - for a very long time, and this was the best I could do.)

(In case you can't quite make it out - Schrodinger!!!! Yay for you! I'll be emailing you with a barrage of questions so I can pick out something fabulous.)

Okay, now you gotta see this. But don't tell, 'cause I told him I deleted it.

Stabby McWall-Eye

Hehee!! The mug shot of Travis' alter ego, escaped mental patient and, possibly, deranged lunatic killer "Stabby McWall-Eye". (He also made me promise that next time I would let him shower and change out of his work clothes before attacking him with a camera. Whatever.)