Tuesday, November 07, 2006

What Arches?

Hey, couldja maybe buy my stuff? (There will be more before long - I wasn't kidding about that damned vet bill.)

The rest of this post is not for the faint of feet heart.

It's funny how many people (relatively speaking) commented on my arches. I've never thought of my feet as being overly arch-y in their normal state.

Nope, not in their normal state.....

Ewwww, toes

Are you dying? I'd never actually SEEN my feet like this until this picture...good Pete, now I know why my dad and Travis freak the hell out every time they see me do this (which is frequently.) It doesn't bother my mom - she was a dancer also and nothing about this seems abnormal to her.

'Kay, back to work...

On the bobbin