Thursday, October 12, 2006

Meet My Fierce Protector

Last night after ballroom dance (we learned to waltz!), we sat down for tea. But I couldn't use our cruddy ol' plain mugs to break in the Adagio and the spiffy new (deceptive) teapot (which holds five cups of tea in an apparent bottomless chamber).

So I had to break out the china AND the silver for the first time know, this might have been the first time since I acquired it from my mom.

High Tea

I have no knits (why have I not had enough knitting time?) so I'm providing another form of interesting visual.

When we got home from ballroom, I noticed something about Travis. Whenever we go do something that isn't typically manly, he has a "Butch It Up" outfit - specifically, his Bruise Brothers Boxing School t-shirt. He's not a guy who has a need to look super-macho, but it's just something he seems to do. Witness:

We have Exhibit A:


Travis at Sip & Knit, learning how to knit, sitting in front of a wall of baby yarn. Pastel Butch.

Exhibit B:

Ballroom Butch

Travis last night after ballroom dance. Nametag Butch.

Finally, Exhibit C:

Tampon Butch
Midol Butch. Tampon shopping requires extra butch, hence the Dallas Cowboys hat. (Travis doesn't even watch football. That's my hat. Minus four butch-points.)

(Seriously, waltzing, knitting, tampons....would you even BELIEVE me at this point if I told you he's a motocross-riding auto mechanic?)

(Okay. I admit it. That last photo was staged. But he did wear that to the grocery store, so he was asking for it.)

(I'm sorry. I'll come up with something knit soon - I did block Swallowtail, so I will get those posted one of these days soon.)