Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Animals Parade (Photo Heavy)

The hay is greener....

Hey, the grass is greener on the other side of the fence for them, too!

I LOVE sheep. We'll definitely have sheep when we have land. I love their little "maaaaa-aaa-aaaaaa" noises, and how sweet some of them were. Travis actually had to literally be tugged away from one he deemed his "favorite".

Travis' favorite

We met some llamas too. I also definitely want llamas.


Llamas, however, do NOT want Travis.

No.  Don't touch me.

(Note that he has his carved stick.) The llama gave it some thought:


And decided against him, again.

Nah.  Thanks anyway.

"You have been judged and found wanting." Ouch! And heh.

The smiling blur approaching, whom I've pointed out using my handy red Photoshop arrow I now love so much, was the owner. He friendlied right up when she got there. (Yeah. "Friendlied." I said it. It's my word, but you can use it.)


Alpacas are cute. Alpacas are pretty. Alpacas make pretty fur. But I do not want alpacas. Why?

Alpacas are ASSHOLES. Seriously. I couldn't get anywhere near them. This one let me get kinda close, but check out the stinkeye:

REALLY grouchy alpaca

Moments later I attempted to pet him and if he'd been able to, I think he would have pooped and thrown it at me in disdain. Jerk.

(No offense to any alpaca people out there - they're probably very sweet once you get to know them. I know they're just aloof animals. I understand - I would be too if strangers kept fondling my hair and shaving me periodically.)

They are, however, REALLY funny.

Greedy alpaca

"Hey guys. What's up over here? No, I'm just hangin' out. No sweat. Hey, what's that over there??"

Greedy, greedy alpaca!


Okay, I do like THIS alpaca. He's after my own heart.