Sunday, August 06, 2006

Stirring The Beast Within

I've been home sick and feeling rather sorry for myself since Thursday evening. I figured I should try something new.


This began life as a plain old undyed skein of Lorna's Laces Sportweight. A few splashes of Kool-Aid later (and with thanks to my super-enabling Secret Pal!!!), I had a fruity skein of fun! I think I like hand-painting yarn - and I decided I don't completely suck at it, so I figured I'd keep trying!

I discovered (after attempts at three other local grocery stores) that our Kash & Karry has about 47 varieties of individual Kool-Aid packets, including the elusive brown Tamarindo (which, make no mistake, does not resemble anything I would EVER want to drink - but I am assured is a wonderful mixer for dyeing purposes.) So I now have 24 one-liter water bottles with pure Kool-Aid. 24 base colour options. Oh joy.

I'd wanted to dye a skein for my secret pal, but I decided I really didn't think the first one was quite the colours I'd like for her - a bit too pink, more my style than hers. So I picked up a few ivory skeins of Koigu (who doesn't love Koigu?) and tried again:


I gotta tell ya - I'm pretty good at this. (No, you hear no shame in my tone - I'm proud as hell of these skeins.) I named the colourway "Necia" (that's her name - I'm not being terribly original with the name, but what knitter girl doesn't want to see a skein of Koigu with, literally, her name on it??) I'll look forward to seeing how the stuff knits up - it may be tacky as hell knitted, but I sure do think the skeins are pretty.

My one-skein project has me worried. You should see what she did for her pal. I get the feeling she's a better knitter than I am. I must progress faster!!!

We went to Home Depot today and bought planks of cedar so Travis can build me some shelving units for my fiber room! Whee!! When you build furniture to support your hobby, it's officially here to stay.

Me & Knitting (/Spinning/Dyeing) 4-Eva!