Wednesday, June 21, 2006

May I Rent Your Baby, Redux.

**Reposted in an effort to get people to quit landing here from whatever strange Monsters, Inc. related search that keeps directing to my blog. Seriously, 200 hits a day based on that? Knock it off.**

What? Hang on, we'll get there.

First, tell me this is not the cutest little ol' thing you ever did see:


Yep, that's Travis, trying his hand at winding yarn. (I did ask his permission to put this photo up, and his response was to shrug and declare, "It doesn't matter what I say, you're going to put it up anyway." I took that as a yes.)

(Erm, also for the record - he is wearing shorts. I know he's looking a bit nekked here, but there is a garment, you just don't see it. It's June, it's Florida...we keep layers scarce around the house.)

Also, I finished Lost Coast #1:


They fit me beautifully. I almost can't bear to give them away. Fortunately, I am more tolerant of the idea of giving these away than I am of the idea of starting YET ANOTHER pair of socks for poor Susan. (Note: This sock does not fit on my head. Yes, I did try.)

The yarn shot (which sort of looks like a yarn-y representation of Paris Hilton...drunken smile, wonky eye, and all):


That sock used surprisingly little yarn, really. I'm hoping to get a pair of anklets out of the leftovers.

Since Rooster and I were the only ones still awake in the house by 9:00 p.m. (what is this?), we got plenty of grooming and knitting done. (I'll let you figure out who did what.) I also wound a few skeins. Oh, and perused a few things...


I got my Amazon order today - the Montse Stanley (which I apparently cannot live without - though for a measly eight bucks, I don't see any point in even attempting to live without it) and the Debbie Bliss Special Knits baby book. More babies, people, crank out some more babies. I have a lot of things I want to do here. (Even if Debbie Bliss does refuse to use charts....which I don't normally like, until faced with three pages of row-by-row written instruction...then charts start to look pretty good.) The book is worth buying even if you don't knit and you just like babies. There are some freaking precious babies in here. (Not to down the baby on the cover, but she's not even the cutest.)

Like this kid...dig this kid:


"Yo Dad, can I get the keys to the car?" I love how earnest he is. (I bet I so should not be taking pictures of strangers' babies from a book and putting them on my blog....but I've given credit to the book they came from, and should a parent wander on here - I'm only doing this because I think your child is precious.)

Now okay...listen...I'm about to obsess for a moment. This book has a baby so priceless that if I bumped into the parents on the street, I would BEG them to let me babysit the kid for a day, just so I could carry her around and show her off to people.


Seriously. This kid is freaking a-ha-dorable. I gasped audibly and tears leapt to my eyes the first time I saw her, that's how precious I think she is. Wait, look at her from another angle.


Yeah, I KNOW!!!! Right?? And lest, heaven forbid, you should think it's totally the sweater that's making her cuteness cup runneth over (and that is a FABULOUS baby sweater that I will have to knit right away), let me reassure you, it's not the clothes that make the darling:


Come on!! It's not even fair to the other babies! This baby makes the Jolie-Pitt baby downright ugly!!

I'm coming off a twitch too close to psychotic here. I'm not actually that baby-crazy - I want babies, but it's not like I eat/sleep/breathe the idea. But when the time comes, I would really like this specific baby, only brand new and preferably birthed by me personally.

By the way, this is so much more reasonable than when I decided that I didn't even WANT a baby if I couldn't have Boo from Monsters, Inc.. (It was brought to my attention that Boo was not actually a real child, but was in fact a computer-generated toddler. Pixar. Those bastards.)