Monday, June 05, 2006

All Things Considered....

I'm sharing a bunch of pictures of the same thing, because several photos turned out well, and I like when that happens.

I cast this project on Friday night after finishing my Ziggy scarf (the Malabrigo zig-zag lacy one). I finally caved and blocked the scarf (I rarely block anything, including the project below) and it's pinned to the guest room mattress right now, so no photos of that yet.

In the interest of full disclosure: I had a root canal today. Before heading to the dentist's office, I showered, did nothing with my hair, and put no makeup on. For the photo, I managed to apply powder before I lost interest and said to Travis, "Screw it, just focus on the gloves and try not to get my left side, it's swollen."


Project: Lace-up Fingerless Gloves from Alterknits.

Yarn: Malabrigo 100% merino, Holly Hock colourway

Needles: Colonial rosewood circs, 8; Addi bamboo dpns, 8

Notions: Some brand of silk ribbon in THE PERFECT colour

Changes: The only change I made was to use 7 mm ribbon instead of the one-inch silk Hanah ribbon the pattern called for. Artistically, I felt that the aesthetic of the glove would be jeopardized by the one-inch silk due know what, that's total BS...I would have had to order the Hanah online and wait for shipping and the only silk ribbon I could find around town was either one-inch, but only in white, or 7 mm in several shades, one of which was uncannily precise for this project. I don't think it's missing anything by having skinnier ribbon.


The pattern calls for one skein of Manos del Uruguay, with yardage of 138 yards. My Malabrigo skein measures 215 yards, so I have plenty of yarn left over.


Okay, I'm looking maybe a bit rough here...but this is the photo that best demonstrates how freakin' dead-on that ribbon is matched to the gloves.


Bitty just wanted so badly to be photographed with her mama's gloves, so I took one silly faux-artsy photo with her.

Okay, these gloves were the FOURTH project IN A ROW that I cast on for I have to go start on some socks for Travis before the yarn for my sweater gets here. Hee.