Saturday, May 13, 2006

A-Stashing I Will Go, A-Stashing I Will Go...

Hi-ho, the merry-o!!!

Well, as promised, I went back to my LYS today for their 35% off ALL YARN sale. I resisted the $45 skeins of cashmere I've been drooling over since I started knitting (even at 35% off, I still can't do know I can't buy just


Um. Yeah. And this was with a measured degree of restraint. Yesterday I had a dentist's appointment near the LYS, so I dropped in to scope the place out and plot my route. (You see, in my head, Saturday at 10:00 a.m. would find a line of knitterly women like me outside in sleeping bags, having camped out all night waiting to be the first ones in. It didn't actually go down that way, but I was there at 9:50 anyway, just to be safe.) And, I'm not ashamed to say, I actually HID that one skein of Opal you see there to make sure no one else would get it before me. The killer? I don't even LIKE that skein of Opal. But it's the only skein of Opal that she had. And I'm anxious to try Opal. So there ya go.

So...10 skeins of Noro Silk Garden, 4 of Noro Kureyon, 8 of mercerized cotton (to make coordinating baby jackets - I wished for a baby in the family, and now we have two pregnant cousins, one of whom is having twins...and the other might be too - too soon to tell, but genetics dictate it's her turn...), 6 of baby camel, two of laceweight silk merino (to be dyed), one of kidsilk, some wool for a quickie birthday gift, 8 Elizabeth Lavold Hempathy...I'm pooped!

I fell in love with a sample sweater hanging near the Hempathy, so I had to pick up the Elizabeth Lavold #8 pattern book.


It will be mine.

And yesterday, at Target, I fell upon this with gusto:


Luella Bartley for Target (why didn't someone project that before I spent a bajillion dollars on one of her pre-Target-line purses?) - perfect little beach or big-project bag. I love that the apple on the front is a pouch. I love even more that it was SEVEN DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS. I got two. (One's a gift, okay?)

And finally, I would like to unveil my spindle.


Aaaaahahahahaha!!! My own cleverness amuses me. (And, when I try to actually USE this, I'm sure my own cleverness will frustrate and annoy me.) I didn't feel like going to Michael's yesterday, so I took a cruddy plastic 10" size 10 dpn, fashioned a whorl and a hook out of Sculpey (how many seconds do you think that hook will last?) and glued it all together. Hee hee. Yeah, I'll be sure to get video of me trying to use this thing.