Friday, March 24, 2006

Scrappy McFluffyNubby Finds Home

Since I gave Scrappy to his new owner, I can post pictures. The pattern came from Knitty (here), and was simple but sort of a pain (thanks mainly to the nature of the yarn). The bag washes beautifully, is soft like crazy, and knit like steel. It's also a bit smaller than I would have liked. Ah well. At least I made the strap long enough that she can wear it crossways.

Scrappy McFluffyNubby

Scrappy McFluffyNubby II

Also, I REALLY need more yarn. I have a lot, more than I can reasonably do anything with currently, and more en route from Elann. But I need more. 'Cause see, Knit Happens has a lot of stuff for sale prices right now, and they're cheaper than I can find here at Sip n' Knit or on some other sites that carry the same stuff, and it just makes good SENSE to buy it when it's on sale...I mean, I know I'm going to buy it eventually anyway, so shouldn't I just buy it now when I can save a few bucks?

Is there a place on a divorce petition for "Bitch Won't Quit Spending the Mortgage Money on Yarn"? Or would that just fall under "Irreconcilable Differences"? How many sweaters do I need to knit for Travis to keep him from rebelling against the creeping sprawl of the yarn house-wide?