Friday, March 17, 2006

First and Most Unimportant Post

I just have to write something down to get this thing up and running. They say when you start a blog, you should have something to say. I just want to say that this is strictly for the benefit of my non-knitting friends, which is to say this is for the benefit of all but two people who know me. (I'm a lonely knitter...)

I've officially become too fixated on knitting, so I'm starting this up so that maybe people will stop making fun of me. Maybe strangers will find me, other freak knitters who will have respect for me and my (fledgling) artistry.

I'll move some pictures over here. Eventually. When I have some unembarrassing project worth sharing.

For now, maybe go peek at the Yarn Harlot, if you haven't had your daily dose already.