Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Something Has To Take The Place Of All The Food I Can't Eat...

(Pssst: See anything you like?)

I can't have all the things that I want to shove in my mouth - so I have taken to, proverbially, shoving things in my pockets.

I have gone into a mode that can only be described as "apeshit" when it comes to spending money. Okay, so fortunately for me, I've been able to destash quite a lot of back-burner yarn to cover the yarn and Etsy splurging. (Note to self: Stop it!!) And some of the spending has been absolutely necessary wedding-related stuff. I haven't spent a fortune, I've just been doing little nickle-and-dime things that are completely manageable. But then.


I mentioned that over the weekend, I might have purchased some cute shoes. They were actually on pre-sale, so I couldn't have them right that minute. (Do I fully comprehend that process? No. But I really wanted those shoes.) So last night, I went to Spiffy Department Store to pick up my shoes. And there was a one-night-only sale.

Only one night, people! And deep down - way, way, way deep down and frequently forgotten and neglected - there is a girl. And that girl is an aspiring fashionista who really wants to wear Marc Jacobs dresses and Louboutin pumps but can't seem to find them for free. (As my mother always says to me, "Well, honey, if only you were born rich instead of beautiful." Well why in hell couldn't I have both??) Free is still not an option, but 40% off was - and though I still couldn't afford the Marc Jacobs and Louboutin (I'm not completely unreasonable), there was other stuff...what was I supposed to do??

Apparently I was supposed to use "40 percent off" to justify a few key purchases - but I did hold back and not go completely crazy. (A cute dress and cute sweatsuit thing for the honeymoon, and the "sweatsuit" is one of those ones that's kinda okay to wear in public - although I still get a little uncomfortable with the idea that sweatsuits, however adorable, are now okay to wear in public - and a pair of new jeans that were desperately neccessary, as I was starting to have to watch what I wore and how I sat with the two pair I have in order to to ensure that all the holes weren't visible - and these new ones make my butt look cute okay, tolerable. Also, I badly needed new black shoes for work.)

I could have bought new black shoes for work just about anywhere, true. But I bought my wedding dress from a shop's sample sale on eBay for one-fifteenth of what it costs retail. So it all balances out...I hope.

I did immediately come home and tear the stash apart to destash as much as I could to cover myself. Whatever, I wouldn't call that guilt. ;-P

But!! I am not going to the LYS sale on Saturday. There is nothing there that I absolutely need. I am staying away. I am knitting stockings. I am saving money. I have fabulous peep-toe pumps. *gazes at feet*

Last day for the contest! Travis made a point the other night that I wanted to bring up here, in case anyone else has thought of it. "Can't you just pick someone you really like and make sure you finish at the time they guessed?" Well, I suppose I could, but the thing is - I really like everyone. And that would create a tremendous amount of work for me, really, and let's not forget that above all, I am lazy. (And, in a recent development, kinda dirt poor. But that's beside the point.) So no worries about cheating - besides, while I've enjoyed reading the guesses, I haven't committed anything to memory and they're all muddled up in a big pile of numbers in my head.

Tomorrow - Bellocq progress photos!! Yay!!