Thursday, May 10, 2007

Yay, Contest's Over!

First, I have a request - if my Sockapalooooza pal is reading this, could you leave an anonymous comment or somethin'? Hopefully I gave you enough info in my signup stuff that you don't actually NEED to contact me, but I'd just like to be sure I got matched up. (Not that I'm innocent over here - I finally left my own pal a comment just a couple of days ago. I could have asked her a whole bunch of questions, since she indicated only her shoe size and her preferences as "whatever", but hey, I'm taking that free reign. And I'm quietly grateful that I didn't get a pal who insists that she only wears pure silk lace-and-cable knee-highs. I'm sure it happens.)

Okay, the contest is not over in the sense that I'm finished - I'm just glad to finally have knitting to talk about. Although I think you'll see that really, there still wouldn't have been much to talk about.....but we'll get to that in a moment.

First up, a photo of my new shoes. Because I love them that much.

i'm in love. Fab new shoes

See?? I TOLD you they were fabulous. Maybe they pinch my toes just a little - but it's not important. Travis pinches my nerves sometimes, and I still love him.

Also, I have a tiny li'l ol' skein of handspun:

Li'l bit o' handspun

I did this just for fun - I have no idea, really, what the fiber was. It was a little bit of happy bonus in an order from Funky Carolina a few weeks ago, and I just wanted to see how much yarn I could get out of it. It's given me an idea to create a whole bunch of mini-skeins from each fiber I spin, just to use as decoration. (Yarn is decoration, right?)


It's also Project Spectrum-y. And I really like how it spun - I should contact her and find out what it was.....

Oh, hey, did I tell you that the stockings are kinda big? And that my dress is kinda small? So now that I'm losing weight, do you think I'm losing it in my midsection but keeping it in my legs so that both the dress and the stockings will fit? Oh hell no, that would be too ideal. No, I'm losing all the weight in my legs and arms. And while I'm happy to lose weight wherever I can, I really need my knee fat to help hold up the stockings! Don't go, knee fat! Stay with me! (For another three and a half weeks - then get the hell out of here.)

We had a good mail day, too. Everyone should have their Loopy Club shipments by now, but if you don't, LOOK AWAY!!!

Loopy Seasonal Club Plus

I refused to look at the yarn for the longest time - I really wanted it to be a surprise and kinda hated to ruin it - I did close my eyes and show it to Travis and ask him if I'd like it, and he said I definitely would...but I still wanted to cling to the surprise!

There's some non-Loopy stuff here, too: to the left is my Interweave, with two sweaters and a pair of socks and a scarf and, oddly enough, a skirt that I really want to knit. I'm often lucky if there's one thing in IK that I'm really passionate about, so to have FIVE in this one is exciting (and overwhelming). To the right is a skein of Cabin Cove sock yarn and the little lavender sachet he packed with it to make sure it arrived in style and smelling so fresh and so clean (clean) - this is my first Cabin Cove, actually, and it is so heavenly soft I hate what I have to do with it (knit something for someone else and give it to them).

The whole rest of it - the little lamb shaped soap, the lemonade dye Kool-Aid, the chocolate, the pattern, the bag, AND the faboo vibrant yarn? ALL for the Loopy Club. I definitely made the right call in begging and sobbing my way into the club getting on the waiting list! All Things Heather is one of my top three mostest favoritest sock yarns, so I am beyond thrilled that she's the dyer for this installment, and Travis was right, I definitely liked it! And all that STUFF!!! Awesome.

Okay, okay, now the stocking progress reveal. Let me go ahead and say right now that if you put in a guess that I would be finished this weekend, you might want to look away.

Bellocq, 5/9/2007

Yep. *sniff* So, uh, that's where that is. *shifty eyes* I haven't started anything else, I just, you know.... *trails off, rocks side to side uncomfortably* Well, you know, I've been doing a bit of spinning. Soooooo.... *trails off again*

Bellocq, 5/9/2007

I mean, it could be worse! I'm into the calf shaping already, and it seems to be going pretty quickly. And I DO have three and a half weeks left. And....yeah. *blink* *blink*

Alright, I gotta go quit my job so I can get this done, along with the groom's second sock (two and a half inches of the cuff done! woo...hoo?)