Monday, March 05, 2007

Grumble, Grumble

I think I'm going to have to give up my Bloglines subscription to the Rockin' Sock Club blog - it seems like there is nothing some people like more than ruining surprises for other people. (Which I realize now is a completely unfair thing to say - I'm quite sure they don't MEAN to spoil anything, it's just words that are typed in a wool-induced haze of excitement.) But yeah, I've read posts that rattle off the name of the colorway, the entire contents of the box (I wasn't IN last year's club and have no idea what to expect; we don't all know what's coming) and REALLY specific details about the pattern. And plenty of people realize their slips and go back and delete the posts or make edits - but Bloglines always shows the original post as-is, so I don't get the benefit of peoples' blessed realizations. Cruddy! (So I guess I'm more anti-bloglines than anti-spoilers....)

Rant over, I promise the rest is positive!

I'm hoping my Socks that Rock shipment arrives today - between waiting for that, the new Knitty issue, and the big ol' Loopy update tonight, I'm just about out of my head with excitement!! (There is absolutely no chance I will find the time to start another pair of socks - I have to start my wedding knitting, for real! But that doesn't make the waiting any easier!)

This is also too exciting - Heather finished the wedding invites and they are BEAUTIFUL. Check them out here - aren't they gorgeous?? And now the plug - if you have any stationery needs, and especially if you want something unique and custom, get in touch with her - she's been completely fantastic.

Speaking of completely fantastic - I'm still not over my glorious jewelry and how fabulous Emily is for desiging beautiful stuff that fell not only within my budget, but far below it! (The only wedding vendor thus far with that distinction.) She has made an extremely (and I mean extremely) generous offer to me and any of my friends. So if you see anything in her shop that you like and can't live without (I'll be surprised if you don't find something to your liking, but you can also request custom items), email me first!! She gave me a coupon code for a hella discount, but I don't want to just post it here for the entire world. But please know that if you're reading this, you're my friend and you should email me because I wanna save you money. (I'm not a used car salesman, but I play one on tv.) And she's a super person and deserves loads of business.

Happy knitting! (Or spending, if that's your bent!)