Saturday, March 03, 2007

Finished Object. Dammit.

There. Finally.

Halley's Comet Hat

Last week, my former supervisor asked me about knitting a non-wool hat for her ... she's going on a cruise, and she doesn't want to mess with her hair, but she doesn't want her head to catch fire in the sun either. I like knitting hats, so when people ask for them, I'm more likely to comply. When I saw this pattern and thought about this yarn in my stash (which I've had for quite some time without matching it to a project) and how pretty the colors would be on her....well, there ya go. I hope she likes it. At least I got a freakin' FO out of the deal.

Halley's Comet Hat

Project Stats:

Pattern: Halley's Comet Hat by Marnie McLean
Yarn: Artfibers Golden Chai (100% golden tussah silk), held double
Needles: Addi size 8 DPNs and Colonial Rosewood size 8 circular, 16"
Start: March 2, 2007
Finish: March 3, 2007

Halley's Comet Hat

Pattern Notes: I knit the large size - normally the small/medium would be plenty large enough, but I was using smaller needles than called for because I didn't have size 9 DPNs (that's been remedied). Oddly, this pattern was designed for Art Fibers, which I didn't realize until after I was finished. But the combination of the silk and the lacework should give it that nice comfortable airy feel that she wants.

Halley's Comet Hat

This was the first time I've worked a hat top-down. It's not perfect (and I got confused a couple of times because joining only eight stitches on four DPNs in a round is kind of more of a challenge than one might think) but I'm happy with it. Just needs a quick bath and a block, and off it'll go. Her cruise is still a few weeks out, but I'll probably give it to her Monday so I don't lose it.

This sign amused me:

Hand and foot waxing??

Finally! I've been wondering where I could go to get my hands and feet waxed.

Last, but the total opposite of least:

How To Relax

Happy birthday, boo - you're absolutely the best thing in my entire life. (Yes, even better than this.)