Friday, March 02, 2007

I'm Useless.

I have nothing to show you. Still. I have three socks...but they're all orphans. Maybe someday they'll have mates...? I've also been plugging away at Secret Project. Kinda. (I'm on the verge of losing interest...any surprise there?...and am trying to stay ahead of the boredom. It's tough when you have to knit six of the same thing. Guh.)

I started a hat. I knitted almost an entire skein (Blue Sky Alpacas Bulky that I got from a destasher) and wasn't even close to having it as long as I want (I'm using the triple-fold Zhivago hat from Winter Vogue '06 as a guideline), so I had to order a second skein and frog the progress I'd made ('cause it turned out the hat was, um, large enough to continue pulling down over my head, shoulders, bust, and hips. I could have bought ten more skeins and finished it as a sweater.)

Since I have nothing to show you, I'll just link you to death - maybe point you in the direction of something motivational. No new Knitty yet, but the new Magknits is up. It's very socky....which I like. These are especially cool (even if they are toe-up...I've tried toe-up and I just wasn't a huge fan, even if the results were good) and these are cute (they look an awful lot like the Petticoat Socks from Weekend Knitting) and these would make great boy socks. There's also the Vogue Knitting spring preview - I really like that third sweater in The Grace of Lace line-up.

I don't know, I guess I'm having mojo issues. It's not just knitting - I showed up to bellydance on Tuesday and the second I started warming up, I considered going home - I was just off my game.

I am not, however, having trouble BUYING stuff. (I've been using destash money like I promised, I swear.) There have been acquisitions from Loopy, Pick Up Sticks, Hello Yarn (where she sells a fabulous get-started-dyeing kit that I can't wait to play with), destash (managing to score TWO batches of Socks That Rock, plus a huge pile of Classic Elite ivory alpaca/silk/wool blend that may grow up to be a sweater someday), Luxe, Amazon (who is really messing with me on the new Interweave sock book), KPixie (the Sahara pattern JUST MIGHT match up with that Classic Elite yarn...)

And then there's the Rockin' Sock Club. Even knowing that I can't (shouldn't?) start on the kit right when it gets here hasn't kept me from being fall-down excited about it.

This designer, Marnie, has a bunch of free patterns, and I like a lot of them - they're not your "oh, no way I could get anyone to buy this - here, free download!" patterns, but stuff that's really pretty impressive. I admire brilliant designers who share free patterns - don't get me wrong, I'm all for making money off your designs, but I think it's so nice when someone with a brilliant mind throws a couple of freebies out there too. (I think most, if not all, designers do that. But kudos anyway.) through Flickr trying to find something shiny)...

Oh. Here's one of my favorite pictures of us in North Carolina. I'm smiling so big because I'm in love. Okay, and because I'd bought all this.

us in nc, cropped

Tell me about you - how's your mojo? Is it just me?