Monday, October 09, 2006

Using My Big-Girl Colors

I seem to be fixated. I'll let you see if you can figure it out...

Cape from Knit 2 Together

The wee beginnings of a project from the Tracey Ullman/Mel Clark book Knit 2 Together, in Tilli Tomas Ruby Wine.

Razor Cami

The Razor Cami in SWTC Bamboo. (Yep, still working on that one.)

Eleanora Socks

Eleanora socks in Lisa Souza Sock! Merino, St. Valentine's. (Yes, this is the same sock I started in May. Shut up.) Beautiful pattern, no? Only single sock pattern I've ever purchased. I loved it that much.

Finally, it was time to pretend we might actually STAY in this residence for a while. See, in the last year, I've sold my house, moved out of that into a rented house waaay in the middle of nowhere, moved out of that and into another rented house with Travis, and moved out of that and into a home we purchased together....that's three moves of everything I own in a year - two of those moves also involving everything he owns...which, thankfully, wasn't much. So I'd grown accustomed to a cardboard-box-lifestyle, and was finding myself not caring that we have a house that, on the outside, looks like it should be owned by successful young professionals - and on the inside appears to be inhabited by squatting hobos.

You may have been horrified by a recently posted photograph of our bedroom. (If you don't recall, click the link - it makes the before and after so much more effective. I would post it again, but I suddenly realized that it's sort of embarassing.)

Time to move up and be grownups!


Our "new" bedroom makes me feel fabrics and colors, high thread count sheets and duvet, down comforter, feather pillows with silk cases....all Target! God I love Target. AND I managed to decorate in my colors, yet it meets the approval of the man who sleeps here too.

Yeah....I think I'm feeling saucy, sexy, sassy....very red indeed.