Friday, October 06, 2006

Eye Candy Friday

Ugh, Blogger is kinda apeshit today.

I can't seem to get my head wrapped around any of the projects I want. I cast on for one and completed 24 stitches of the first row before I went all "Hey, look, a chicken!" and wandered off on it. Then there's the sock. And the blocking that needs to happen on Mom's shawl. And then there's the project I started last night, a truly experimental mess that could end up really fun - it's a birthday gift for a friend who, however unlikely it may be, could wander on it has to wait.

Non-traditional eye kids, and then a tale.

If I were a lion...

I love how Rooster gets all jazzed every time I open the blinds.

What are you doin' here?

I love how Bitty's all blurred (cause she CANNOT stay still) and Rooster's sniffing her paw like, "Um, excuse me, you're not putting DIRTY paws up on MY windowsill, are you?!"

Last night I had dinner with a girlfriend at a little Vietnamese noodle place. Right before we left, the lady seated directly behind me ordered dinner - only she didn't want the noodles her order came with. She wanted the "hearty" noodle. If that didn't crack me up enough - the server wasn't entirely sure what noodle to which she was referring. So she had the server - and I swear to God I am not making this up - go into the kitchen and BRING HER A NOODLE.

This was TORTURE for someone like me. Seriously. I was shaking-crying-stomach-hurting (mostly-silent) laughing. I almost peed.

You think she knew I was laughing at her?