Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Oh! Hello!

(See, you have to picture me walking by a camera like I totally didn't know it was there, then stopping suddenly as if I'd just seen an old friend. I love when they do that in film. It's hammy - and I LOVE hammy. You should know me. I am QUEEN of Ham. As you can clearly see.)

So yeah....I'm just electing to pretend my Swallowtail never existed right now. I let my mom know she might not have the shawl when I had hoped. She may have it in time for her birthday, but I'll have to mail it. (The AGONY of making something breathtaking and not getting to see the look on the recipient's face. Boo!)

I've emailed the person from whom I obtained my skein. In my perfect fantasy world, she bought five skeins, used three-and-a-half, sold the whole leftover fifth to me, and still has 200 yards just lying around. (Please don't spoil my sunny optimism. It is so rare...) And Nancy from Colorsong made lovely offers to ship what yarn I can scrap together back to Handmaiden, where they will dye-match it to create another skein for me. Which is what I'll do if all else fails...but for now I'm scrambling around looking for scraps. However, I was so steadfastly impressed with Nancy and how lovely and sympathetic she was, I immediately purchased two more skeins of Sea Silk from her. (Autumn and Ocean, if you're wondering.)

I picked up Knit 2 Together on Sunday. I've already started a project from it, and have plans for another. There's not as much exposition as I'd expected (which was somewhat disappointing, since Tracey Ullman is so awesome,) but there are quite a number of really charming and classy (and a few silly!) patterns. Worth a look.

I'm back on my Eleanora socks (finally!) They're a Christmas present, so I have to get them done. It's about that time - gotta start focusing on others.

It was killing me to not have an FO in so long, though, so I should have a little scrappy something to show you tonight. (And I guess I could go ahead and take photos of Swallowtail in her current state. She's being so dignified about this whole thing, and she deserves a reward.)