Sunday, October 01, 2006

Blink. Blink Blink.

I finished the shawl tonight.

Sort of.

I cropped out the last two rows of the peaked edging chart. I did the final two rows, and I started binding off.

I ran out of yarn.


I could weep. I didn't run out of yarn and have a gauge swatch to rip back. I didn't run out of yarn I could trot down to the LYS and pick up for seven bucks.

I ran out of a backordered-for-nine-weeks, $35-for-475-yards-and-you-only-need-nine-yards-to-finish yarn. I don't NEED 466 yards of this stuff lying around. I've already worked this colorway! Time to move on! And I had planned to enter this shawl in a show. (Just for fun.) Then give it to my mother for her birthday. (I've emailed Colorsong in the hopes that they'll be getting some in sooner. Or would be willing to throw me a bit of Capri they might have stashed, in exchange for an order - I want tons more of this yarn....but not in Capri!!!)

And if I'd known I was going to run out of yarn anyway, I wouldn't have shortchanged the pattern! This should have worked! Vanessa knit hers on larger needles and still had a ton of the stuff left over!! What...???

Please, does ANYONE have a clump of Sea Silk in the Capri colorway lying around?

I think I'm going to throw myself onto my needles now.