Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Squee, Gack, and Happy Birthday To Me

Squee: I got my pal info for Sockapaloooooooza (can't be bothered to count the o's, sorry). I wasn't given a whole lot to go on, but after a bit of blogdigging, I determined that she's a big fan of a certain sports team. A sports team which I just happened to know had its own colorway with a very popular dye artist. Check the store, and would you freakin' believe there was ONE SKEIN and it was that one?! The luck! For all I know, she already has the yarn, but I can hope not....asking would be WAY too big of a dead giveaway. I've generated a clever idea of doing coordinating heels and toes, with the team's symbol fair-isled on the heel flap. Hee! (Uh, can anyone argue for or against fair isle on a heel flap? I wouldn't think it would cause much discomfort, but I'll take your calls.)

Gack: Hey, wow, I'm getting married in a month. (Well, from tomorrow. Close enough.) Jeebus. I'm starting to get into freak-out mode a little bit - I had a nightmare on Sunday night that involved us not realizing until just before the ceremony that we hadn't done up the programs, so we hastily handwrote 70 ceremony programs, and that left me without time to get ready, so I walked down the aisle in what I had on, which was - for reasons that will forever only be known to my subconscious mind - a short black leather miniskirt and matching tailored jacket with black leather ankle boots. (For the record, I would NEVER wear a short skirt and ankle boots together! My mother had a similar outfit when I was younger - it was the 80s, okay, shut up about my mom's leather suit - and that's the only reason I can figure I was wearing that. Even in my dream, she was mortified, and I'm not sure if it was because of what I was wearing, or because it brought back memories of 80s fashion.) I woke up completely stressed out.

Me: Oh my God, that was terrifying. *describes aforementioned dream to Travis*
Travis: Aww, baby, that sucks. Editor's Note: I actually received sympathy at 6:25 a.m. on a weekday when we were both off and would have been able to sleep in. (Katie Holmes voice, glassy stare:) He's amazing.
Me: I know! Poor me!!
Travis: Must have been something we ate - I dreamed that I was being chased by a wacked-out serial killer bent on destroying me, and I had to jump off of a cliff into the ocean if I had any hope for saving my own life.
Me: Holy crap, so you had a nightmare about marriage too??!! That's so WEIRD!!!

So in order to get decent sleep, I have actually started doing stuff that I've been putting off for months, and I think we'll be fine. I am, however, hungry and cranky, as part of what I have to accomplish in three weeks that I've been putting off for months includes losing the seven pounds necessary for the dress to fit just so.

Happy Birthday To Me: Okay, kinda not really - my birthday isn't until the end of May. But it's in the ballpark, and we're going to pick an arbitrary day to celebrate, since the end of May is probably not going to be conducive to much other than me yanking my hair out. So I'll be throwing confetti on myself periodically. (You're not obliged to indulge me - I'm just warning you.) And I bought myself a lovely birthday gift in the form of a GINORMOUS sack of yarn/books/needles at the Chez Cas sale on Monday. (No, I won't be showing photos. Yes, it's that bad.)