Friday, May 04, 2007


Hey, hey! I'm feeling good about things!

On my way home from dance class last night, I swung by the Publix to pick up some more tofu (yay! no, really, it is SO GOOD when it's cooked out on the barbecue grill...even without being slathered in batter and cheese!) I figured as long as I was there, I'd weigh myself. I used to hate that they have a giant scale right inside the entrance, but now I appreciate it. Still, it is kind of a buzzkill - every time I'd stop on the way home to pick up something really bad for me, there's that scale, beckoning, "Hey, fatass, come see if you really NEED that Chunky Monkey." Anyway, point is, I'm achieving! I've lost five or six pounds! Woo! And my "fat" jeans aren't quite as horrifyingly uncomfortable as they were. I shouldn't really use the term "fat" jeans, since they're just regular jeans now - my "skinny" jeans are from that period post jaw surgery when I was practically emaciated, and I'm pretty sure I should just get rid of them, as I will never and don't ever want to weigh 127 pounds again. I'm over 5'10", and I don't have the kind of delicate frame where 127 pounds looks that great. So my "fat" jeans are just what I wore immediately pre-surgery (I tried to gain as much as I could before the surgery and managed to pack on about ten pounds above my ideal weight because they warned me that I could lose up to 25 pounds.) But they were starting to snug up again, and I refuse to buy new jeans, so it's a good thing I have another good goal for losing weight. My main impetus for it most of the time is good ol' cheapness - I really don't want to have to spend a bunch of money buying new clothes when it's so much better spent on things like yarn and cheesecake.

So I'm happy, and I'll keep at it. My need to attend dance class two or three times a week now should help - I've moved up a level, and not only is it more fun, more work, and more exciting, but it's also more difficult - so going a couple of extra times a week will benefit me in all sorts of ways!

So, where are we? Weight loss progress: check! Wedding prep progress: check! Stress level reduction: check! Bellocq stocking completion: uhhhhh......I'll get back to you on that. But three out of four is awesome!

Now, for my Yarn P0rn! It's homemade!!


This is 235 yards (four ounces) of 50% superwash merino / 50% tencel fiber in the Platinum colorway, dyed up by Mama-E. I loved it when I saw Eunny spinning it ages ago, and I stalked dutifully until I saw it in Mama's shop.


I'm still working on my plying - I spun the singles up tighter and plied tighter, but it's still not as entirely even and tight as I'd like. I think maybe it was something about the fiber and the way I handled it - as I was plying, the singles puffed back up again. I probably need to keep a tighter hand on the singles when I'm plying them to keep them from losing the twist.


I am glad to have my spinning mojo back - this fiber's been waiting for the right time for a while now, and I just couldn't let it hang out there any longer. I'm calling this skein "V-Rod", because with the granite and chrome coloring, it reminds me of that motorcycle I'd want so badly if I weren't quite certain that Florida drivers are incapable of noticing anything smaller than a Hummer.


And soft, soft, soft soft soft. I love the way this yarn feels - more than anything I've spun before, I really want to just wrap this around my neck and wear it as is, without even knitting it. But it's a good DK/very light worsted weight (which is exactly what I was going for!) so I'm sure I can come up with something.


My heart is telling me to give it to a swap pal who I know would love it...but I don't know if I can bear to part with it!

Happy knitting! Have a wonderful Friday and enjoy your weekend, darlings!