Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Forty Seven.

ETA: Wheeee! New Knitty!!

First up, let me share my elation with you. Tuesdays = happy fun dance party.

Oh Happy Day!

Oh yeah. See, I figured out what my problem was - every day when I went up to my PO box, I crossed my fingers in hopes that a little key would be there, beckoning me to a larger lockbox where mysteries of the unknown (or, rather, mostly known) would be found. Never a thing. So yesterday, I DIDN'T cross my fingers. Turns out, crossing your fingers is a jinx! Lookit all this stuff!

(The box on top is from Pick Up Sticks, just a couple of skeins of Apple Laine in a lovely kind of indigo color. The Amazon box is the Sensational Knitted Socks book that we finally agreed on - they refused to send the new Interweave sock book, but they did finally send this one along. I cancelled the rest of the order and ordered the other book from Overstock like she suggested. (Why Amazon is insisting the Interweave book isn't released yet...well, that I can't explain.) The fourth box, the large priority one, that's some destashed stuff (including a skein of Socks that Rock from last year's club); and the smaller Priority box? Well, that's the grail, isn't it? I won't post photos of the yarn, but I'll link you to Adelle's photo of it. (Hope she doesn't mind. Her picture's much better than mine were.)

TWO skeins of Socks that Rock in one day. Le happy sigh.

So yeah, inspired by my new acquisitions, I counted up my sock yarn to see how many pairs I could knit right now. Remember, I've given away or destashed a tremendous amount of sock yarn in the past, oh, six months or so. And I have yarn for FORTY SEVEN pairs of socks. (And I may have just ordered three more pairs worth from The Loopy Ewe in the Monday night free-for-all-brawl that was her massive shop update.) And I have such a pretty stash - multiple skeins of Sweet Georgia, Yarn Pirate, Mama-E, Socks That Rock, Yarntini, Vesper.....if I were to knit all that up, then what would I have to look at? But I should apparently be knitting much faster and buying much slower. I'll give it a shot.

I am still planning - against my better judgment - to participate in Secret Pal 10. I really shouldn't, what with the wedding consuming much of my time and budget, but I just love that swap so much.

Also, I realized when I was uploading photos last night that I'd put up the wrong picture of my socks in progress - this is much better lighting.

Better picture of the Mata Hari and Embossed Leaves

Again, the one on your left is the Mata Hari sock in Cherry Tree Hill potluck, and the right is Embossed Leaves in Posh Yarns cashmere/merino blend. And I think I'm gonna need to knit faster. I'm halfway done with the second Mata Hari sock and I've got the cuff done on the Embossed Leaves. I need a personal assistant to knit my second sock in every pair - I could get a lot more done that way.