Tuesday, January 02, 2007

You're Gonna Want To Read This.

Happy New Year!

As is the way 'round here lately, I have nothing to show you. I have an FO, and I'll have more shortly (I'm about 75% finished with two different pair of socks). But in the meantime - it's the new year and Christmas was fabulous, as you well know. Not only that, it's now 2007, woot woot! We wanted the hell up out of 2006, see? There were the high points - knitting accomplishments and some babies (uh, not mine) - but there was the untimely illness and death of a very important person in my life; the death of my great-aunt - whose ring I'm now wearing; (understatement alert:) a tough patch with Travis; and my own cancer scare.

So we are THRILLED to see 2007, right? And in that I've won a contest and started planning a wedding, I'm feelin' 2007 pretty hard already.

Thought I'd hold a contest. Just 'cause I'm happy, and I want to see someone else all happy too. I needed some sort of inspiration, and with all the exciting girly things I'm doing lately, I thought of "I Enjoy Being A Girl". So leave me a comment and tell me why YOU enjoy being a girl. (Or about being a boy, if you're one of those.)

I'm keeping the time limit short on this, because I want participation, but I don't want to get posted on another one of those contest blogs. (I love when you guys send people over here from your own blogs, and that's cool - but my last contest ended up on some winfreeshit.com kind of thing, and that wasn't as cool.) So it's 6:30 on Tuesday night right now, I'm giving you until 10:00 Eastern tomorrow (Wednesday).

The prize? Something yarny, no doubt, and definitely fabulous.

But also....I picked up some more faboo nail decor today (new fixation)...and I might have picked up one more bottle of that super-hot polish from Chanel's Spring line. I probably don't really NEED two bottles, right? And as long as you promise to use it yourself or pay-it-forward to another girl who would love it - you win the contest, it's yours too! (BUT! You're on your honor to not sell it on eBay or anything like that.)

So do it! Leave one comment with one thing you love about being female.

For the final twist - I'm letting Travis pick the one he likes best. (I always fall back on that when I can't decide what to base my choice on. But now, still be honest about yourself and what you like about being a woman - "I love that I have boobies" might win, but try not to prey on his man-ness.)