Thursday, January 04, 2007

Contest Extended!

You now have until tonight at 8:00 eastern to enter the contest by submitting a comment here detailing your favorite thing about being a woman. I'm extending because last night Travis was exhausted and not feeling well, so I didn't want to wake him up after 10:00 to make him read through a list of submissions. (And since no one's answer was "I like being a girl so I can leave Travis alone and let him rest," I wasn't sure he'd see anything that appealed to his particular state of mind.)

Uhh, I didn't do one of those year-end wrap ups, nor do I have a list of FOs on my sidebar. But if you're curious, my count seems to indicate that I finished about 30 projects this year - most of them small items, largely socks. I also learned to spin and got a bunch of that done.

(You could peruse my Flickr galleries of Finished Objects and Handspun & Handpainted Skeins if you're dying to see what I accomplished this year.)

You guys. Yarntini. For real - I finished a pair of socks (picture soon) and washed and blocked them, and OH. MY. GOD. Softest, most delicious thing just about EVER. I LOVE them. I don't want to let them go. But I must. It's also killing me that they would be beyond fabulous as Jaywalkers - because I CANNOT knit that pattern again. I've completed I think three pair of Jaywalkers now, and I must move past it and find another pattern that is at least that fabulous for a self-striping yarn. (If you want your own Yarntini, I know you can get it here, here, and here. ETA: And here. Thanks, CB!)

No, really, FO photos soon. Man, I hate surprise knits....