Wednesday, October 11, 2006



I got a package from my KTS2 swap pal! I have been so blessed with wonderful swap pals who seem to intuitively know exactly what I'd like and what I'm dying to try, and I am once again stunned!

My pal is Valerie, who - oddly enough - read my blog even before she was assigned to me! (I'm no Grumperina, so that one came as a serious shock.)

This is my first of two boxes. (That was the second serious shock, met with an out-loud "No shit?!" This was more than I expected already!!)

Tea Swap Package

I opened it thinking I was getting a package from a Destasher. But no....surprise!

Get out!!

Travis immediately spotted something he wanted, and I had to slap him away and take the box elsewhere. But not before he managed to snatch something away....

My preciousssssss....

When he goes all crazy and wall-eyed like this, I know I'm losing...

The Goods (and a kitty, and a blurry MinPin)

The goods! (You may make out a few curious souls here - I know it seems like you always see the same two pets - they're the nosy ones. Rooster's easy to spot...Bitty's the blurry brown smudge on the right. Told you she never stops moving.)

DB Cotton Angora/Australian Lipton

Hee hee! Okay, we got Debbie Bliss Cotton/Angora in black (that's what Travis tried to steal away.) The dilemma begins...a tank for me? A hat and scarf set for Travis? A couple of sweaters for the twin boys his cousin is pregnant with? It's sooo soft...sooo very soft. And, oddly, she picked it up in one of my favorite places in the world - Bainbridge Island, Seattle area. (Psst: see the blur just to the left and above the yarn? Bitty again.) Then there's the Lipton - only it's from Australia, where they apparently have awesome badass Lipton that's way better than our Lipton. Caramel Lipton? COOKIES & CREME Lipton? Are you kidding? (And with milk and sugar, perfect! I won't need dessert! I mean, I'll probably still eat dessert - let's not get stupid here - but I won't NEED it.)

Tea Pot & Adagio!!!

I wanted to try Adagio tea SO BADLY. I've spent so much time on their website trying to decide what to order. Did I ever mention that? No. (See, that's where my luck kicks in....Valerie just knew.) Chocolate, cinnamon, darjeeling, ceylon, and almond. All flavors I will love, all great with milk and sugar (oh, she's good.) But then - THEN! - there's my Adagio teapot! I don't have a service-worthy teapot - just the ol' metal one that goes on the stove. I've been wanting a presentable teapot, and this one's perfect, especially since there's just the two of us (Travis drinks tea too, on occasion). And it's a steeping pot - there's a strainer thing that pops right in the top. I LOVE it!! And all my straining implements seem to end up at work somehow or another, so I can never seem to find anything to strain my tea at home - this is way too nice to take to the office.

Thank you SO MUCH, Valerie! I'm so lucky!!!

Rooster feels lucky too, by the way:

Yarn or the box....yarn or the box.....

Yarn or the box? Yarn or the box? Such decisions.....

Can I have the box?

Awwww, what a well-trained boy!

(Okay, gotta go slam a cup of tea quick - Travis and I start our ballroom dancing lessons tonight! Dancing with the Stars finally got the better of me!)