Friday, June 02, 2006

Now With Touch-O-Vision!

Oh, how I wish I could let you all touch the batt. Or the Malabrigo. Or whatever I am chirping about next week. How 'bout this - email me with an address, I'll mail you some samples, anytime. Really. If I can't con people into spending as much money as I do by way of my bloggy enabling, I am willing to go to all the effort of stamping an envelope to enable. :-) (I'm so deliciously evil.)

Also, if you're interested, I did a bit of digging and discovered that Malabrigo got its start as the (inexpensive) worsted weight on Handpainted Yarn. They no longer have the worsted weight on their site (they probably figured out it was worth far more than they were charging for it) but they do have tons of other wonderful yarns and, more importantly, rovings - all in beautiful colours and wonderful prices. I haven't ordered anything from them yet, but I'll report back if when I do.

Oh, and I may have placed a rather significant order with Pure Knits...again. Perfect Green Malabrigo aran sweater, here I come.

So!! I finished spinning the first half of my Pink Guava batt, and I have a tiny little handspun skein - it's by no means perfect, and I'll need to work on keeping my fiber output and twist more even, but I'm really proud of it anyway.


And I got a special delivery today!!


I know everybody says it, but I really do have the best pal ever! Two skeins of a beautiful tweedy brick-coloured Misti baby alpaca (the way to my heart!), some candies (the perfect size for stuffing into my notions bag) and chocolate mints (I LOVE chocolate mints) and magnets and some absolutely deliciously scented hand balm (just for knitters!) that smells like it was mixed up just for me and disappeared into my knitting bag immediately. And lookit - she included toys for the kiddies too!


Brodie was really excited about sharing this toy, as you can see. I took this picture 20 minutes ago, and he's still lying in bed, tearing the hell out of it.

Oh, and I might have finished that Malabrigo scarf and started another Malabrigo project....oops.....