Thursday, June 01, 2006

New Favourite!!!


From the moment I opened the box and saw all that delicious ribbon and tissue paper, I knew it was love.


I love brown and pink - probably my favourite colour comination - and isn't it wonderful how Yahaira ties up each bag with that beautiful ribbon?


(Both batts have firestar added - you can really make out that beautiful firestar in the green batt if you pull up the larger picture - just click to see larger version.) And there was a handwritten note (always a wonderful touch) and samples - the way to my heart. Note to self - order some Fable Handknit baby alpaca. (It was like buttah, I tell you.)

So how did I spend the evening? By turning my Spritely Goods batt into (kinda) yarn.


I'll be honest, I hated spindling at first. But I was watching the Spelling Bee National Finals on ABC (CHICKS ROCK!), and that propelled me forward. And if all those kids can spell all those difficult words, I can spin yarn. And I came to love it. So much so that my hands had to let me know:


And by the time I was done for the evening...


Not bad. Oh, and I found the "Don't Suck" button on my camera - finally I can take photos with decent definition (but I chose not to use the flash, so it's a bit blurry). None of these pictures shows the true colours quite right - it's a sort of bright salmon and orange, with that delicious sparkly Firestar added. When I touch the batt, I'm not sure I'm touching anything, that's how airy and light and soft it is.


Oh, and there's more. Wait for it...



As of today...Pure Knits carries MALABRIGO!!! AND for $11, which is $1.00 less than the usual MSRP. That's right...and I hate to call you out personally, but Rene, I think it's time. All the planets have aligned to provide you with one wonderful place to get started spinning and Malabrigo-ing. (And did I mention the cashmere sock yarn???)