Monday, August 04, 2008

And The Winner Is...

Michelle! Some of you were a little low, some pretty close, and some of you guessed so high I'd think you want me dead! No one got it dead on, but Michelle got the closest at 152 - off by 15. I sent 167 skeins off to Sheri for my first (I hope not last!) order - and kudos to Josiane for her guess that I kept one for myself...indeed it SHOULD have been 168 skeins, but one must have snuck by quality control at the mill, and there were some unpretty sections of it that didn't pass inspection by me, so I did indeed have to set one aside, and that's the one I'm test knitting now. (I should probably try the stuff, right?)

YoYo Yarn - doesn't suck

(Funky Salad colorway)

I'm off to San Antonio again tomorrow for the rest of the week. Any orders will ship out when I get back....I'd ask Travis to pack and ship while I'm gone, but I'm afraid he might send a free kitten with every order. (Yes, we still have the kittens. No, that was not the original plan. Central Floridians, if you know anyone on the lookout for kittens, PLEASE send them our way.)