Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I Has A Logo!

I was lamenting to my mom that I haven't had a logo made up for the shop yet (because I'm a bum and searching out graphic-type folks turned out to be a whole lot of trouble in my world. Yes, writing an email. It's too difficult and time-consuming for me.) She's not a graphic artist in the computer sense, but she's a wonderful artist, and a clever one at that, so I described in broad strokes kinda sorta what I wanted (a complex idea that I wanted made very simply) and she played with some ideas and came up with a simple and perfect line drawing. I tossed some colour on it (a graphic artist I am not, but it keeps it in the family) and here we go:


Too cute, huh?? Notice how the second "Y" that's also a happy girl has curled-up toes? When I was a baby (and throughout life straight into adulthood)I'd curl my toes up real tight when I was happy. Frequently when eating. (My sources of joy have failed to shift in the slightest.) So she added it to the logo, a touch that I absolutely LOVE.

In less adorable YoYo news, I registered my business legally so all my stuff is legit. Woot. (Registering a business with state, county, and city is wreaking havoc on the environment - I get a TON of solicitation mail now. Being a business kind of sucks in that way.)

Lookit me - a real live business with a logo and credit card offers and everything!

I'll be updating the shop periodically again - I've been experimenting with some new yarn bases, so there'll be all sorts of fun things to explore here before long. Times they are a-changin'......... (ETA: UPDATED 7/15/2008 WITH SOME NEW YARNS!)