Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Have you seen the new Clapotis?

Lookit. Yeah, I'm gonna knit that. Clapotis, not so much. But this? Much. Very much.

It's a pretty boozy issue, this Knitty - oddly enough, a few patterns feature model posing with glass of beverage-of-apparently-alcoholic-persuasion. That amused me. Holidays = booze.

So yeah, that's the new Knitty. Lots of winter stuff. Very useful for me, in my miserable hellhole of a hot-ass state. (Before you comment - I know shoveling snow blows. I know super-cold weather blows. I don't want to be buried, snowed-in, or trapped in my house - but seriously, 80 degrees in December makes me kind of crabby for the whole month.)

And now, some handspun. Accomplishment cheers me up.

Matilda handspun

This is "Matilda". She's a superwash merino two-ply DK/sportweight, about 245 yards. The fiber was dyed by Michelle at The Sweet Sheep. This one came out so insanely even, I can't stand it. I'm fond of her.

Outer Zone handspun

And this is "Outer Zone", a two-ply merino dyed by Yarn Wench. I think I have 190 yards here, so it's a good worsted weight. I still have trouble getting a good even yarn out of non-superwash merino. But the colours are great!

And a little insight into how creative I am - I did some of the spinning on "Outer Zone" while watching the Tin Man miniseries on Sci-Fi - "Oz" in their version is called "The O.Z.", for the Outer Zone. And I worked on "Matilda" while watching Zoolander on cable. (Christine Taylor's character = Matilda.) More often than not, my yarns are named after whatever's closest, assuming it kind of holds true to the yarn.

Speaking of Tin Man.....meh.

Bitty's still improving, although she's not a big fan of eating right now, and it's driving us nuts because she needs to gain a few ounces, and not eating isn't really the best way to get there. Hopefully that situation will correct itself when she's done with the medications. We're really looking forward to a trip to St. Augustine this weekend with the puppies, so hopefully she'll enjoy that and work up a good appetite.

So......whatcha knittin'?