Monday, November 19, 2007

Oh. Well, Hello!

A week?! A whole week??! I don't think I've ever gone that long without a post.

I've not had much drive to entertain, talk, write, move, work, or do much of anything...I was sick part of last week, for one thing, and the main problem was that I was dizzy, which means I was capable of doing precisely NOTHING. No driving, no lying down (oh, that was the worst thing to do), no TV, no knitting. Well, I did put in the first season of Arrested Development, but I mostly just sat there and listened to it, so that I wouldn't have to watch multiple Jason Batemans wiggle back and forth on the screen. (There are worse things to watch wiggle, but I digress.) Oddly enough, spinning DID make me feel better. Maybe because the dizziness was lateral and the spinning was longitudinal, it all balanced out?

I've also been holed up, trying to figure out what goes on in the People offices during Sexiest Man season. I mean, Matty Damon seems like a super-nice guy. And he's cute enough...but, I mean....really? Has anyone SEEN the men in Hollywood? There's no shortage of the sexy. How about, I don't know, Bruce Willis? He's back on top, and he's ridiculously sexy. Or Will Smith? He's never been it, has he? And he fits the nice/funny/cool/hot bill better than most, I think.

In a related story, Travis has decided he wants to be an actor and move to L.A. (I'm supporting this, although I'm prepared for him to change his mind soon, based on the fact that then yesterday he declared, while watching Kansas City S.W.A.T on TV, that he wants to be a SWAT officer.) But in all fairness, being that acting seems to be 90% about looks and charm, I think Travis could fare well. However, being that celebrity and marriage to celebrity seems to be about 90% about tolerance and patience and the ability to be hassled 24/7 and not lose your shit, I think Travis would fare rather poorly, and God knows his wife would just be run out of town on a rail. Then there's the whole odds-of-making-it thing...but hey, what the hell. I did write our wedding vows, and I'm the one who put in that bit about us supporting each other in our goals. That was mostly supposed to be for me, though, since I'm the one with all the crazy bizarre dreams and random fly-by-night aspirations. (Wool for a living? Come on.)

(PS: Being as Travis has never been to L.A. but I'm pretty sure he would hate it and I have been to L.A. and am DAMN SURE I hate it, I don't see this being something that really will happen. One never knows, though. I just offer support and encouragement in my capacity as wife.)

So! Knitting! There are a great many things I'm falling behind on...but I've been plugging away at the blanket:

Hemlock Ring Progress 11/18

I'm up to 400-stitch rounds, so one lace section is over 2,000 stitches now. So it begins. That's why I'm figuring that this is probably only 50% done. But I think it will be lovely, if not a bit flawed and increasingly difficult to photograph. Oh, and what you see here is only a smidge over one skein of the Brooks Farm Solana yarn. (Hurray for yardage!)

I started something new:

Painted Skeins silver/silk/merino

At the other end of that trail of yarn is a project. And that's all you're getting, I will speak no more of it. I will, however, talk about the yarn. This is Painted Skeins new superwash merino/silk/nylon/REAL SILVER yarn base, and I love it. My mother-in-law pointed out last night too that silver has excellent healing properties - which it does! Anyone who's ever had a very serious skin injury/problem such as burn or graft may recall a healing cream prescribed to them that was actually a percentage of silver. After a very bad accident, I had substantial road rash, and I recall lying there covered in silver goo. It felt kind of chic, actually. So this stuff is probably great for the feet and legs. Scout is talking about dyeing this yarn base too, but I'm very happy with the Painted Skeins colourways (and, um, price.) And Ms. Painted Skeins, Helen, is awesome. (See all the fun stuff I got with the yarn??) I love this shop. (Not paid to say that. Just would definitely buy more of her yarn.)

I cut my finger open last night on a can of organic tomatoes. Organic: No Longer Completely Harmless. It's my left pointer too - so it's my pokin' finger. That 2.25 mm DPN is KILLING me. Typing is not so fun either.

Oh, and hell has frozen over:

Duets Sock Yarn

I always balked at buying Duets yarn. Not that the yarn isn't worth it, at 150g and fun colourways, but I just didn't see any good reason to spend that much on one pair of merino socks when I have, oh, maybe 100 skeins of sock yarn waiting for me to suddenly knit at the speed of sound. But then I saw this colourway - red/brown/pink is my absolute most favourite colour combination, and I almost never see it. I couldn't bear to resist. Now I'm seeing what all the fuss is about - this is a great base yarn! I picked up the Middi weight, and I got it from The Loopy Ewe.

In News To Me News: I'm allergic to mohair. Who knew?! I bought some wonderful delicious soft silky yummy kid mohair curls at SAFF (from a first clip, so they're the BEST) and after hand picking and hand teasing and spinning them (not all at once, but over the course of a few weeks) I've determined that the fact that my eyes went itchy and my nose went runny can't be chalked up to five separate's the mohair. But the yarn I made is so yummy! I had planned to keep it, but it may be that knitting with pure mohair won't be for me...I've knit with mohair blends, but never 100% mohair, I don't think. I bet it doesn't go much better than the spinning. I may have to sell the yarn. Wah.

So. Anybody ever wonder why, even though I spend a tremendous amount of time on my lazy rear, I never seem to have much knitting done? Well, partially because a majority of my work lately has been on the hush-hush end. But this definitely doesn't help:

A Day In The Life

They simply do not care that I have stuff to do. They do not care that after subtracting the 7.4 square feet my prone figure takes up, there are still 2,192.6 square feet of the house left, over all of which they can - and frequently do - exercise complete control. All they care about is making sure I stay RIGHT. HERE.