Friday, September 21, 2007

Umm...This Is How We Knit On Thursdays, Too.

Hi, my name is YoYo, and I'm a knitaholic. And by knitaholic, I mean I leave the knitting in the car in favour of sangria.

This Is How We Knit On Thursdays

Good times, good times. (Oh, but I did have a skein of Zen Yarn Garden with me, so that kind of counts as this being knitting-related.)

Blurry people have more fun

Kathleen's husband heads back on Saturday, so we had to have another hurrah before he goes - I ate a LOT. I had a little sangria. (A little sangria. Yeah. Like saying, "Oh, I knit a little." But I did know when to stop, so I have progressed beyond my college days.)

Four People.  Two Designated Drivers.  Three Pitchers of Sangria.

Four people. Two designated drivers. Three pitchers of sangria. (Can you spot the DDs? Hint: there are two people carrying on a coherent conversation, one making a goofy face in front of a camera, and one whose head may have fallen off.)

And because every picture is horribly blurry due to my intense hatred of the flash, here's one where you can see our faces and we don't appear to have extra noses.

Waiter uses flash

The waiter insisted on using the flash. Oh, and we're splotchy because we tried to go next door to the putt-putt place but they closed and it started pouring rain, so we got a little drenched. (It wasn't a sangria fight, I swear.)

Enough of that, mmkay. Here's some knitting:

I like sitting near this handle

This is my Pomatomus progress (bus shot). I've been using this as my commuter knitting. Hot DAMN if that ain't some slow going (I love and hate you, twisted rib.)

I never have a damned thing to show off around here anymore, I know. I'm sure everyone wonders why I never knit anymore, especially since I do seem to get plenty of spinning done. And I do - because I'm very lazy on the weekends and I rarely do crazy things like leave the house or clean stuff, so it's mostly all spent on the couch in front of the wheel. Usually while absorbing whatever ridiculous thing is running on marathon (America's Next Top Model - I've seen some entire seasons three times now - or CSI, or Monk, or whatever).

But see, I AM knitting. I just can't show it off. And I haven't really mentioned it, but it's because I've been writing patterns. I've been working on kind of a lot of patterns, actually. Some are exclusives, and some are just things I'm working on for fun. I didn't want you to think that I won't share my knitting with you - once the patterns are released or ready, I can show you what I've been up to...but until then, it's all very hushy.

I am still working on Green Gable and the Pomatomus, though, so that I have something I can show you progress on - I like to have accountability.

Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!