Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Two Birds

I'll show you my sock-in-progress (revealable) and while I'm at it, I'll share the GREATEST SOCK PROJECT BAG EVARRR!:

Boomerang Sock and the greatest sock project bag EVER

Bwah! Ha ha!! I found this in a strange little toy-and-oddity shop (a rich man's Archie McPhee, if you will). I'm sure it's meant to be a purse for a little girl, but whatever! It's a bit on the small side, so it has to be used for smaller yarn balls (I tried stashing my other sock-in-progress, non-revealable, in there and it didn't fit). But seriously, I love it.

The sock is for Travis, Fiesta Boomerang in the Sedona colourway. I think this is one of my new favourite yarns; it's squishtastic and I adore it.

I noticed I get a lot more attention knitting in public in Washington; maybe it's just that Florida is kind of, um, impersonal (sorry, but it kind of is) but people don't tend to address strangers around here. On the ferry to Bainbridge Island, I got at least six people expressing awe that I can walk while knitting, a woman who squeezed my sock, and another who asked to see the ones I had on. (In Florida I get strange looks but never a word.)

Something else I loved about Washington: strangers will share food with you. At the Bellingham Farmer's Market, I approached a woman who was carrying the most delectable-looking muffin I'd ever seen. She said she'd gotten the last one, and I joked that meant she'd have to share. I was kidding, but she actually broke off a piece of her muffin for me! (I didn't take it - she earned the muffin.) Down here, I think someone would be as likely to throw something at you as do that. (Florida is a strange South-not-South hybrid; we have a lot of the qualities of the South but we can seem to be missing some of the charm and hospitality. See, how's that for a blanket statement! Your experience may vary, especially in smaller towns and other regions of the state, but I've found Orlando to be, taken as a whole, a rather rude city.)

Anyway, back to the sock. The pattern is improvised, although I always take notes so that I can make the second sock at least somewhat similar to the first. I tweaked the toe on this one, so the notes are a little more detailed than usual. The pattern, such as it is, is scribbled on a 2" square post-it. Wanna see the pattern?

CO - 40
2x2 - 2"
E-o-P flap 20st
(10 chains) sl1, k11 (turn)
toe @ 8 1/2", D @ EOR to 6 st/ndl, D @ ER
G 6-6

Makes perfect sense, right?? (Make ya nervous, Michelle?) It's all I need to know, though - and given my penchant for taking nine words and turning them into a book, I would probably write a four-page pattern based on this tiny post-it.

And for some weird reason, I measured my gauge (I have to assume out of curiosity, since I didn't really need to know it) and it's noted as a cramped note in the corner: 23st/32row:4".

Random vacation picture: Travis and Bono at the Space Needle:

Us @ the needle

Oh wait, that's not Bono. That's me. (I have GOT to remember to take the ridiculous sunglasses off for photos.)

Finally, some Nerd Candy:

This one is totally for Carrie

I didn't take this at some museum for geeks. I wasn't allowed to take photos at that museum. So I definitely did not sneak a photo of this Battlestar Galactica costume just to entertain my friends. (I geeked out by proxy for this one - the Star Wars costumes genuinely excited me, but I don't watch this Galactica show - I just know people who do, so I got all excited on their behalf and took a picture.)

Tomorrow, some photos of Travis and me after a bit too much wine at Chateau Ste. Michelle. ("Hee! Peacocks are funny! Hahaha I said cocks! Let's open one of these bottles! Look, lilypads! Hahaha look at 'em! Ooh, that lady's pants are funny! Hey funny-pants-lady!!")