Friday, July 06, 2007


I post a lot lately, eh? But this is a good one. I'm back to my good ol' enable-tastic self.

You know how self-striping sock yarn is so awesome, but usually more expensive than regular ol' sock yarn? Lookit this shop called LoveSticks. Tons of self-striping yarn in really cool colours (love Surf and Turf, Drama Mama, and Rose Garden) and the skeins are only $18.99!! Love her!!!

I found the Love Sticks shop by way of this blog, which I found from this shop, which I found from this blog post. (Whew! Gotta love the commuknitty! Although sometimes you leave a blog sooner than you'd like to, because you get that feeling that you're not supposed to loiter around too much until maybe a little later....) As soon as I get paid next week, I am SO buying this bag set. (So don't touch it!!!) I also like the following items that I will allow you to purchase: here, here, and here. And there are tons more awesome ones here. I had to stop before my head exploded from being filled with stuff I wanted. Too many great fabrics!

I think I may have to see if I can find somewhere to commission some sort of butch bag for Travis to carry his knitting in. Some fabric covered with, I don't know, wrenches and naked chicks or something manly like that. It's not going to matter. They'll just give him hell regardless. Still, I love the idea of a WIP bag in nekkid-lady fabric. Heh. Or maybe just a plain heavy canvas black blag with "This Guy Loves VaJayJay" silkscreened on it in big red letters. Yes. Perfect.