Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Is That A Sports Reference?

So I got some yummies in the mail yesterday (much faster than expected):

Love and Peace or Else roving

(horrendously crappy picture of) Love and Peace or Else superwash merino roving from Adam's shop (so punkrock, I love it - and named for a U2 song!)

Tour de France roving, side one

Side A of Tour de France superwash merino roving from Adam's shop (I was a little greedy.)

Tour de France, as I understand it, has something to do with bicycles? (I KID! I know many of you guys take this thing very seriously - Tour de France seems to be a very big deal in the knitting community; there are a lot of bike riders in our gang, far as I can tell. I fancied myself a cyclist in a former life, but all I have to show for it now is a rusty spinning bike and Specialist cleats, and a big ol' rear to prove that those days are past.)

Tour de France roving, side two

(Side B) Anyway, I loved this roving way more than I was expecting. Basically, Adam came up with two colourways for roving, and I bought 'em both, with an early favourite. (Hint: I love U2 more than life and couldn't tell you who won the Tour de France - wait, is it over?)

I am notoriously (in my own mind) picky about roving colourways; I don't like more than maybe two or three different colours going on, I don't like a lot of white parts...but when my last experiment with a heavy-on-the-white-parts roving turned out so very well, I thought it was time to reexamine. And now I snuggle with this multi-coloured roving and I. LOVE. IT. Is it the depth of the colours? The fact that it's got a little suave something going on? I don't know. But I am totally crazy about it.

Does anyone remember that brief venture into "grownup colours" that M&Ms tried a while back (that went over like a lead balloon)? This roving reminds me of that - only what totally didn't work in candy totally works in roving. (Side note: seriously, Mars, did you REALLY think that what adult America was clamoring for was GREY CANDY???? Mmm, beige chocolate! Finally I can take myself way too seriously even when I'm indulging in a sugar high! I knew what my blissful guilty pleasure needed was a little taupe and burgundy action!)

Moving on to Wollmeise:


Yes. Yes, I do love it. Yes I do want more. (Sheri!!!) No you cannot have it. No it is not up for grabs in the contest. And it's more likely to end up in the sock-yarn-as-shawl stash along with the Schaeffer Anne. It's just so rich...

And to the Deathly Hallows:

Deathly Hallows socks

Nearly done now. (I have been getting less and less knitting done at home.)

Finally, I wanted to mention that Michelle has put the Sweet Sheep Sock Club up for sale! So if you want a taste of my FIRST EVER PROFESSIONAL PATTERN, that's where you'll need to go! (And thank you so much, Michelle! This rules!) I also love that she's going to be doing semisolid yarns for this, which is my new craze. (And before you ask - yes, I am joining.)

Don't forget to enter the contest!