Sunday, July 01, 2007

Happy Canada D'Eh!

Yay, Canadians! Thank you for: Smarties, gun control, proving that healthcare for everyone IS possible, Roots, Dan Akroyd, John Candy, caring about silly things like trees and air, the Kids in the Hall, Fleece Artist, Phil Hartman, maple syrup, Barenaked Ladies (whatever, I like them), Arcade Fire, being the country we point at and go "Why can't we be more like that?", and Martin Short. (Added: Duh! And of course, this!)

However, I'm still not over Tom Green. You'll be paying for that one for a long time to come.

Secret Pal's all wrapped up. Um, kinda; I have some loose ends...but it was a fun round, for sure. I'm definitely hanging back on the next round though - having done three in a row and serving my duty as fertility goddess (funny thing about the people I get matched up to...) I think I'm ready for a break. Maybe more KALs and less swaps - that might help with my whole I-spend-more-than-I-knit problem. :-)

We got our wedding photos yesterday! An album with 300 (fantastic!) proofs and two discs with all the pictures. All ONE THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED AND SEVENTEEN of them. (Our photographer still freakin' rules.) I'll share a few of the really good ones - particularly ones featuring the stockings - hopefully within the next week or so; right now I'm not really able to upload them.....which brings me to my next point:

I caved on the "To MacBook, or not to MacBook" situation. As it turns out, I actually DO kinda need a new laptop. It's not a cute little "hey, I wanna new laptop 'cuz I'm spoiled" issue anymore; it's an "I'm almost out of memory, need a new battery, it takes forever to run apps, and this thing keeps kinda shutting down on its own" issue. So I can prolong the inevitable and spend at least a few hundred bucks to buy the external hard drive, move stuff over, get a new battery, and clean up the thing; or I can just face that it's a three year-old base model laptop and suck it up. I've decided to suck. (Wait....) So I just have to wait for the thing to be delivered; it'll be ordered for me tomorrow (I have my own sneaky and diabolical ways of saving money, you see; it's called Take Advantage of the Kindness of Others, and I'm a big fan of it.) I should have it...I don't know, end of the week? I'm pretty stoked. Poor, but stoked.

(And this time, so help me, I'm going to learn to actually USE the thing, not just have an expensive place to keep pictures and songs.)

All right, I gotta get back to the Mystery Stole. It's kind of all-consuming, to the point that it's eating my soul (in a good way.)