Saturday, June 09, 2007


The weather is rather, um, less than pleasant in Victoria, so we've largely been relegated to indoor activities (spa stuff, knitting, 'net surfing, that sort of thing), but we did run out for breakfast and to the Beehive. And just in time...

Harlot sighting!!

Mere seconds after we popped out of the car and I thought to myself, "Wouldn't it be cool if Steph was in there?" she bounced out of the shop and into the street to get a picture of the sock and the storefront! Travis spotted her and whipped around to see if I'd seen her too, but I was too busy clapping a hand over my mouth and trying not to freak out. I attempted to get a picture of her getting a picture of the sock (as seen above) and then just kind of stood on the sidewalk, tucked behind Travis with my camera and slobbering for a bit. (So much for my calm, cool, "celebrities are people, just like me" demeanor - apparently she's the exception. I didn't slobber on Gregory Peck, my favorite sighting...I gave him a cool "You're an American icon" nod and smile and moved briskly along.) Someone else spotted her and exclaimed, "You're her!" and chatted her up for a bit, stalling her and giving me time to gather myself up enough to take another picture.

Wanna see the picture that proves that she thinks I'm a crazy person?? You know you do!
Harlot thinks I'm crazy...

Yep! Look at the expressions here - I am clearly considered to be insane! Hurray! (It might have helped if I had stepped up, introduced myself, muttered an "I'm a knitter, too," or given any other kind of indication that I wasn't just a nutjob hiding behind my husband and peering around him to snap pictures of her like some sort of crazed fiberazzi.)

We get to see her talk tonight - hopefully she'll recognize me as the nut out front of Beehive and no longer feel like she was being stalked on the streets of Victoria.

I am so uncool.