Sunday, April 01, 2007

Stash Flash '07....

Okay, kinda. As much as I'd love to show all my yarn at once....not gonna. Because while I love my yarn, I can't reconcile that with being terribly lazy. And I admire people who exhaustively catalog their stash....but I'm not gonna.

Stash flash....uh, kinda

This is random stuff - bags of yarn lots, fiber, and leftover bits from projects. Travis is working on staining all the bare wood furniture we have, so when he gets to this trunk, I'll have to empty it, and I'll show everything then. You'll note there's no longer enough room in there for all my spinning fiber. Oops.... And the basket to the bottom left is my WIP basket. It's full of things that need to be frogged.

Stash flashage

Also on Travis' list of things to do - build me another one of these. There's some rhyme and reason to these shelves...but not much. All my handspun is on the top. The three top cubbies and one below are sock yarn. There's some notions, some yarn dyeing equipment - just a bunch of stuff. You may note my Knit Happens sale stash bag at the bottom - there's also two brown bags and a box filled with yarn lots. (I might need another trunk, too.)

Sock stash

Sock yarn, up close - the three on top and the one on the right in the bottom row. I had to expand into the fourth cubbie. Umm. Yeah. (The cubbie that doesn't have much in it is all non-wool. I try to keep them separate for allergy reasons.) Can you believe my sock stash looked like this in May??

It starts to get a little disjointed from there...

Random bag stash

The bag I found on the back of the door, stuffed with mercerized cotton intended for baby items.

Furtive stash

There's random balls of stuff in here - but they didn't want to be photographed.

book stash

Pattern stash. Interweaves, Vogues, books, binders of patterns printed off the 'net, so on, favorite photos of my dad and mum, and my poor llama, Harry, positioned to not show the damage from his horrible accident.


In case you wanted a better look at the titles I have...

Ooh, and look - YoYos on TV!!

YoYo on TV!

Lookit 'em all! Hee!

Oh, and for the record, that high school production of Little Women? Yeah. It was the musical version after all. *clears throat, looks around room* So. Yeah. *cough* But his little sister was really good. And I got a few inches done on the Groom's Socks.

Bellocq stocking update later. And maybe I'll talk about how I ended up having to frog about twenty rounds yesterday, though I may just choose to pretend it never happened - points for me for placing a lifeline, points taken away for not moving it more frequently.

I'm going to go enjoy my day - I'm still thrilled it turned out to be Sunday. I launched out of bed this morning at 7:40, panicking, screaming at Travis to get up and ranting about how we forgot to turn the alarm back on, turning on the shower and jamming my toothbrush in my mouth...Travis dutifully got up as instructed (he's going to be such a good husband) and asked what we were supposed to be doing today that required him to be so forcefully dragged out of bed. When he heard my frantic long-winded response, he sweetly reminded me that it was not, in fact, Monday, I had not missed the bus, we were not going to be late for work, we still had the whole day to do laundry and I'd have something to wear to work when necessary, and I could return to bed.