Sunday, March 25, 2007

Public Service Announcement, And I'm a Big Liar With No Photos

I'll post it, since there are still surprisingly a few left - Michelle has stocked her shop with lovely Sknitches sock yarn. You might get some if you hurry. (Great, highly-coveted stuff, that Sknitches.) I managed to snatch up Showgirl and Zombie. (And, like I told Michelle, I really want to write a screenplay based on those colorways. Wouldn't you want to see a movie about zombies and showgirls? Although my best friend pointed out that it'd be even better if the showgirls WERE the zombies. Yes. We'll make a fortune. I wonder if we could get Simon Pegg and Elizabeth Berkley?)

I promised you photos, and I've failed - I took them, just forgot to upload them last night. I'll do it tonight, I swear. Instead, a little excerpt from Sunday afternoon.

Scene: A man stands in the kitchen, his fiancee in the nearby guest bathroom, tidying up. A loud *thud* is heard, along with a small yelp.

Man: Baby, you all right in there?
Woman: Yeah, sorry - no big deal. The turnip greens just fell off the back of the toilet.
Man: (silence) (note: did you know that silence can actually sound confused?)
Woman: Huh. I bet no one has ever combined those words in a sentence ever before.

(There's a reason I keep canned goods on the back of the toilet, I swear. See, I set the twist in my handspun by hanging the skeins from hooks on the towel bar/shelf above the toilet in our guest bathroom. I then use a huge can of turnip greens to weigh down the skein. So, when the can is not being put to its intended use, I just set it on the back of the toilet. No guest has mentioned it yet, but it's only a matter of time.)